Anchor Protocol Wallets?


I was thinking of putting in some spare UST into Anchor protocol, Has anyone ever used any of the wallets that they can connect with? Any Pros/Cons/easiest to use/security?

Wallet Connect

Terra Station

XDefi wallet

Leap Wallet

Falcon Wallet

I have only used Metamask

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10 thoughts on “Anchor Protocol Wallets?”

  1. I use Terra Station wallet and it’s easy to use and seamless. I have never tried the other wallets however.

  2. Terra station and make sure to use a hardware wallet on top too. Those recent chrome exploits allow hackers to drain your terra station or metamask wallets.

  3. For anchor protocol it will best to use the Terra station wallet. You can use it both on mobile and your computer

  4. I have tried Terra Station and accessing my Ledger HW directly from the Anchor website. Either way it worked fine for me. The experience with Terra Station was similar to MetaMask in usability.

  5. terra station is the mainstream one. I use it for most of my terra transaction. I use xdefi too though for multi chain transactions as they support other blockchains like btc eth avax thorchain polygon bnb, etc, and support native swaps (ex: native bitcoin to ust, or ethereum to bnb). If you are doing terra only transactions i just used terra station as i have my terra tokens on my terra station wallet

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