An Introduction to DeFi Options Trading

Decentralized options trading is now a reality, giving traders full control over their assets. With traditional options trading limited to centralized exchanges, [\#DeFi]( options offer a new level of freedom and security.

Two of the most promising DeFi options platforms are Opyn and Deri Protocol. Opyn offers “Squeeth,” which allows traders to bet on the price of ETH with leverage, while Deri Protocol offers three major derivatives types and tokenized positions as NFTs.

Ribbon finance is another platform that’s shaking up DeFi options trading. They offer structured finance products such as covered calls and put-selling in their vaults, which allows investors to generate yield from their crypto assets.

By choosing DeFi options trading, traders can enjoy the benefits of decentralized control, reduced risk of third-party interference, and the potential for higher returns. It’s an exciting time for those looking to get involved in the world of options trading.


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