AMMdefi Auto Crypto Trading site with great yields

Hey, just got tipped off on the AMMdefi crypto trading site from a mod at Momentum project.

Users deposit USDT via Tron network ($1 transfer fee) from their wallets, and you get a $10 signup bonus:


Click the Recharge button after you have registered, in order to get your unique deposit address to send USDT to, put in the amount you are transferring, then go to your CEFI or private wallet and send the USDT to that address on TRC20 network.

Then click the Start button twice every day to generate the trades in the back end of the site, and your return on the trade will be displayed after a few minutes.

You qualify for 2 trades per day if your first deposit is $60 or higher, and daily return will yield at least 1.5%.

Message me if you need any help.

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