Amazing yield farming in Juno

Juno is my favorite network to stake with right now, as well as the Cosmos ecosystem in general. Staking rewards are at over 100%, and airdrops are incoming. Really excited as this coin just broke into the top 100 and it’s just been on the market since October. Juno does not pay to be on any CEX’s, so its growth is entirely organic and natural within Cosmos DEX Osmosis and now JunoSwap. LPs on Osmosis for certain tokens like Huahua and Stars are anywhere from 300-800% APR / APY with external incentives, and JunoSwap LPs are likely to have similar APR rates or higher due to the smaller new user base. A whole lot of opportunity here.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing yield farming in Juno”

  1. It will be necessary to take a closer look at the cosmos ecosystem and the Juno coin as well. In the meantime, I’m staking $Libre in bsc.

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