Alternative to DEMEX?

I’ve been using [ for 5 years now. Mostly to do cross chain trades between BEP 20 and ERC 20 tokens. I wonder why it hasn’t picked up volume & traction yet…

Can someone tell me the competitors of DEMEX with more volume where you can also…:

\- trade cross chain (BEP2 / BEP 20 & ERC 20 & Polygon, etc.)

\- view the order book

\- place limit orders

\- stake the dex coin and put money in liquidity pools (not necessary, but would be cool)

Are there competitors to it? I have not found any, since all the sites like Uniswap do not let you trade Cross chains, let alone let you place limit orders nor offer to view the order books. I like dydx too, but they only offer perpetuals trading as of now.

Is there an alternative to Demex?

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