After the March 12 dip, the value locked in DeFi rebounds to $50B

The value locked in DeFi yesterday was $50.22 billion, up 0.91% in 24 hours.

The protocol Lido Finance commands a TVL of around $10.94 billion as of Sunday. Lido dominates the $50 billion TVL with 21.77%, and the value locked in the protocol saw a 19.75% rise in March.

Makerdao’s TVL is below Lido’s at $7.7 billion as it rose 9.66% last month. Aave’s TVL increased by 16.94% to the current $5.55 billion. Protocols following Lido, Makerdao, and Aave in TVL size include Curve, Uniswap, Convex Finance, JustLend, PancakeSwap, Coinbase Staked Ethereum, and Instadapp.

While Lido jumped over 19% last month, Coinbase Staked Ethereum rose by 22.29%, and Rocketpool saw its TVL rise by 18.47%. Other notable risers in terms of TVL in DeFi protocols include Liquity, up 27.12% over the last 30 days, and Bwatch, which rose 25.78%.

When I look at current statistics I must say that I had great returns and yield as well on Flynt Finance.

58.6% of the value locked is housed on Ethereum according to the reports from yesterday. 10.69% is held on Tron, 10.15% is stored on the BSC, and 4.4% is kept on Arbitrum. Ethereum’s TVL is $29.39 billion, and Tron’s is currently $5.36 billion.

Does this indicate that this is going to be finally a good year?

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