A new decentralized database network

DB3 is a community-driven decentralized layer2 database network.

1. **Infinite Storage Space**
Scalability is the key to the web3 explosion, db3 will use the following strategies to achieve web3 scale

* PC can meet minimum system requirements so everyone can join the db3 network to provide storage space.
* Using dynamic sharding to achieve scale out. when a storage shard chain has not enough space to store [mutation]( it will split itself into two subchains.
* Using cold data archive to recycle storage space. history cold blocks and cold state data will be archived to FileCoin and the storage node will always have storage space to store new data.

1. **Blazed Fast and Provable On-chain Query**
Currently, decentralization means bad performance but db3 is trying to make a big improvement in performance

* [Merkdb]( is the storage engine of the db3 network and it not only has high performance but also the fast-proof generation
* Geo distribution, the nodes in every storage shard are geo-distributed and the clients can execute queries against the nearest storage node
* [Query session]( the first decentralized query protocol to resolve performance and incentive perfectly

1. **Crypto Native Data Ownership**
In the decentralized network, only the private key owners can update their data and they can keep privacy by encrypting their data with the public key
2. **On-chain Programmable**
Dapp developers can develop data processing contracts and deploy them to the db3 network just like developing data backend in web2
3. **Ethereum Guarded Security**
DB3 network is a layer2 network on Ethereum and all the assets are guarded by Ethereum

if you are interested in the db3 network, you join the community [

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