A new Blockchain innovation optimized for DeFi!

In early 2020, many businesses suffer due to the global pandemic. However, the financial sector proved to be resilient, as more people began to take interest in participating in the financial markets, such as the stock and crypto markets. 

Supported by blockchain technology, **decentralised finance** services (also known as DeFi) have also taken off to new and exciting heights. Unfortunately, despite the great enthusiasm, users and developers have long discovered a set of problems that could still stint the growth of DeFi — scalability, security, and decentralisation. 

Asgard Dao is a currency backed by multi-asset stable coins. It is a currency of which the treasury and reserve are protocol controlled. It is a currency driven by a community-governed protocol. Asgard allows investors to make money during bear markets as it is always backed, fully decentralised, provides stable yields and facilitates transactions at an unprecedented pace.

Asgard’s mission is to offer a new class asset token that will become a part of any portfolio. It can be easily used to hedge risky assets while offering better and safer incentives than stablecoins.

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