a journey to education

My story begins with the bear market, or whatever you want to call it (Bear markets are prolonged periods of price drops) .I found my self at telegram channel of the [ApeSwap.Finance]( with problems related to the value of coins in my wallet, frequently asked questions that you hear in most projects . After a few questions asked there, I received my answers and finally calmed down after learning more about the project. it was not at all what I expected. The admins from there were super kind and patient with a nervous client who was making complaints of their project , but of course all this is happening for one reason only: “Lack of crypto financial education”. Surfing on twitter I found a project called ApeLabs – a partnership project with ApeSwap.I was simply fascinated after browsing the apelabs website, what their purpose was and what their intentions were, then I participated in several courses organized by ApeLabs and I even felt that I came out of that courses much more informed than I expected.

All these years I have been researching from different sources but of course it was never enough to understand crypto ( for me “as a crypto noob” ), until I came across ApeLabs. I really recommend to everyone who wants to learn all about crypto, I consider its the ideal place to accumulate information from experts who have dedicated many years of their lives for crypto.

I wanted to share this beautiful experience with you so that you can benefit from it

information is valuable when you share it , if you have a similar story about crypto education i really would love to hear it .

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4 thoughts on “a journey to education”

  1. I started my defi journey with Apeswap too in May last year, has been good returns and learning (yes price is down but staking rewards has ensured i made more than i had invested in banana). But nowadays I spend more time on Cosmos eco especially Juno, Its one of the newest L1 and has strong community focus. Have got some juicy airdrops for being early to this ecosystem. Do check it out and research before investing

  2. Nice, I just started my defi journey and I’ve been investing based on recommendations. I was recommended to check out stafi, you want to as well


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