A cross-chain expansion of the Zebec network to the BNB network is announced.

Zebec is announcing the beginning of cross-chain streaming to BNB Chain powered by Wormhole. Once the cross-chain integration begins, Zebec users can use tokens from BNB Chain in their transactions. Tokens on the BNB Chain will be accessible to all Zebec users.

Zebec is starting its multi-chain journey from the BNB Chain. The cross-chain expansion is currently under development and being tested.

Users of Zebec will not be limited to transactions in Solana. The cross-chain expansion to BNB Chain will also allow transactions in the BNB realm. Users can select from multiple tokens not limited to the Solana Ecosystem.

Zebec’s multi-chain development is inevitable because of the strict demand for payment apps. It will also become the infrastructure of numerous public chains, bringing significant allies and users to use Zebec.

Binance created the BNB Chain, a smart contract blockchain network home to several projects. The goal of the BNB Chain is to make the foundation for the global parallel virtual ecosystem.

BNB Chain will be Zebec’s initial approach to cross-chain expansion because it is a decentralized, open-source, and community-driven ecosystem. Its health depends on the assistance of its community of users, developers, validators, and delegators. Zebec believes that its users can gain significant advantages from its cross-chain development.

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