$8,000 worth of bug bounty program for Solana’s first FOREX DEX

Hi, DeFi fam 🦾

We are launching the beta test for our **decentralized forex trading platform,** [**TAEBIT**](

Taebit is the world’s first decentralized FOREX marketplace allowing censorship-proof access to the global financial markets

With the beta test, we launched the bug bounty program, ARTEMIS, rewarding the testers for their bug reporting. Bug reporting categories are vast from typos to security matters for **anyone to test and get rewarded**. The reward pool is **$8,000 worth of** [**$DARC tokens**]( our governance token currently listed in OSMOSIS, MEXC, and Raydiums.

The bug bounty program will only last from **Sep 15 to Sep 25** for 10 days.

The details can be found on [our Medium blog]( 👈

Through the beta test, We hope building confidence in the security of the TAEBIT platform helps to mature our product.

\***BONUS: social media campaign** for **$800 worth of $DARC tokens**

Hope to see you all 🙌

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2 thoughts on “$8,000 worth of bug bounty program for Solana’s first FOREX DEX”

  1. 8k is too small! Origin Protocol did similar thing for OGN on Origin Story, and the bounty value for the testers is $100,000, which was paid in OUSD equivalent value.


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