3 ways to Make $$$ with DAOs

>DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, already that’s a mouth full but give me a minute, DAOs happen when a group of people with a common goal, Mission and Vision come together to achieve it in a decentralized way. We removed as many buzzwords as possible. A common meme definition is a group chat with a shared Crypto wallet.

### Here are 3 ways to make $$$ from DAOs.

Governance token investing (High risk, Low Work input, Potentially high reward)

DAO Bounties (Low Risk, Medium to High work input, Potentially High reward)

DAO Contributing(Low Risk, Medium to High work input, Medium to high reward)

The question now is which is better? well it totally depends on you. We break each down below:

#### Governance token investing

**What is governance token investing?**

This is basically buying the governance tokens of DAOs you believe in and hoping they deliver on their promises so the token price goes up and you sell at a profit. 


The biggest advantage of this is obviously the low effort you need to put and the immense upside if things go your way. 

Another advantage is that if you buy at the right time, you could make quick profits when there’s a Community bull run.


The obvious disadvantage here is that it could all go to ZERO. DAOs are not all about token price like most Web3 projects (at least most DAOs) and say no one should take the governance token as an investment. 

Hence you can’t really hold the DAO accountable for a price tank if the community goal is being achieved.


In our opinion the safest way to invest in DAOs is to buy tokens of Investment DAOs and HODL. 


Investment DAOs pay “dividends” to their holders after a successful investment

Find investment DAOs here:[

#### DAO Bounties

DAO Bounties are one of the more common ways for People to make money off DAOs as they are less risky since you don’t need capital or to be physically present, all you need are your abilities.

**What are DAO Bounties?**

DAOs are creating their own micro-economies, issuing bounties to members to complete tasks to achieve their mission. Basically a DAO needs to perform a Task, they post it as a bounty, you do it, you get paid. 


The advantages of this is that you are not putting in any capital at risk or don’t have any commitment. You could do bounties as a side project or full time depending on the number of hours you’re looking to put in. 

Also its all about your skill and if you’re good enough you’ll make a lot. And with the new DAO Bounty economy on the rise there’s more than enough to go round.


Wasted work is by a mile the biggest delima of bounty hunters, imagine after performing a Bounty you don’t get paid cause of someone else did it better. Don’t get me wrong, its fantastic that the better person won, as it should be, but also can be quite disheartening if you’re on the “losing” side. Fortunately some bounties do offer consolation prizes and we feel it will only get more popular as DAOs grow.

To get your feet wet in the DAO Bounties world and start making some money, check here for some bounties: [

**DAO Contributing**

This is by a mile the safest option but also not the option for someone looking to make a quick buck but instead for someone on a mission to have an impact, do what he or she loves and is playing the long game.


The advantages of being a DAO Contributor is the shear joy, networking and learning that takes place in DAO Discords and the potential of building and having ownership in a potentially life changing project. 

To be a DAO contributor you just need to be active in the DAOs Discord and help get shit done.

The upside to this is that as a DAO contributor you get issued Ownership tokens(AKA Governance token) on a frequent basis for your work, depending on the DAO and agreement between you and the DAO. As a contributor you get to shape the product and the community, this way you have control of how the DAO Turns out, there by increasing your potential upside.


Its a long process to get to DAO Contributor Nevada. Depending on the size f the DAO, Sometimes you might need to be active for a while before you’re 100% recognized and acknowledged by the DAO.

Also it can be a Bumpy ride, there’ll be times when your stake in the DAO hits All time Lows and you still have to build, which can be extremely though as motivation will be low, But come out of this phase successfully and the grass i greener on the other side.

If you want to start contributing to DAOs check out Voice: [

There’s one other way to make $$$ from DAOs which is applying for Full time roles in DAOs: [

If you don’t want to feel lonely on your long journey to DAO Nevada, join our Discord its filled with other people who are working on their own DAOs, Noobs in the space and people who are in the process of achieving DAO Nevada: [

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