10 Ideas Suggested by Top Investors and Venture Capitalists for DeFi Projects.

If you are building a DeFi project, here is what investors and capital ventures think you should be able to offer:

1. Projects that have a direct connection to institutions (or have plans to involve institutions later in the stage) as retail alone cannot offer enough market in DeFi over the next few years. 

2. Projects that are not the clones of existing protocols.  

3. Projects that can offer liquid staking because it allows users to withdraw their assets without worrying about liquidity. 

4. Projects that have pro-regulatory elements baked into the products/services. 

5. Projects that can innovate identity, compliance, and tokenization to create use cases in lending, borrowing, and on-chain capital markets. 

6. Project that can innovate DEX infrastructure, DAO governance, cross-chain communication, and security to support payments-oriented use cases, like remittance, payroll, and B2B payments. 

7. Projects that can connect DeFi and ReFi (Regenerative finance). 

8. Projects that can offer DeFi derivatives

9. Projects that are tailored toward long-tail assets and emerging markets. 

10. Projects that expand beyond governance tokens and stablecoins to include a broad range of tokenized assets on-chain. 

If you are a VC or investor, what would you add?


Source: Techcrunch

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