⚡️ Defi Newsletter: Deep dives, yield opps, yield farming strategies + more!

# I’ve redesigned the Newsletter to better cater to Defi users and made the following improvements to the newsletter:

**-Deep Dives**

Users can enjoy a weekly deep dive explaining new protocols, new tech, or novel defi concepts!


**-Newly designed yield section**

I’ve redesigned the yield/vaults section to show the most important vaults for each chains’ native token. I’ve also included a stablecoin dedicated section for defi users looking to avoid risk.


**-New & Improved Yield Farming section**

I’ve improved the yield farming section with a step-by-step breakdown of the strategy as well as a brief overview of the risks it presents.


**-Website Articles**

Along with the newsletter I’ve launched a new website, and I’ve began to write articles.


If you’d like to receive these emails containing the latest defi news straight to your inbox, you can sign up here: [

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2 thoughts on “⚡️ Defi Newsletter: Deep dives, yield opps, yield farming strategies + more!”

  1. Hey, you can post your newsletters on r/defi. Several publications like coindesk & the defiant share their content with the members of this community.

    I’m sure you’ll attract a good number of readers if you publish quality content, just please read the subreddit rules and make sure to follow them


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