BTC/ETH vs HODL Strategy

Which strategy is more suitable for a long term investment? Do you prefer to just hodl? Or do a 50/50 LP? What about impermanent loss? How about generating some fees with a concentrated liquidity LP? … Read more

Swapping Just Got Easier With Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a Multi-chain liquidity protocol that integrates the features of a multi-chain AMM (Automated Market Maker) and DEX (Decentralized Exchange). With Symbiosis, users can swap any token across different blockchains with no additional software … Read more

How to create a crypto exchange like Binance?

[Binance Clone Script]( has advanced features and functionalities to facilitate hassle-free trading with a robust trade engine, and intuitive UI/UX to launch crypto exchange-like binance in a short time. If you want to create your … Read more


Honestly don’t understand why everything even needs to be in pairs in the first place. Just use a virtual asset (not a real asset, can’t deposit or withdraw) in place of whatever else. That way … Read more

What is an interactive map for bsc?

Hey guys, I need an interactive map for binance smart chain like there is ethtective for ethereum and for bitcoin blockchain. I need something similar for the binance smart chain. Please share if you … Read more

NEARStarter: The Best NEAR Launchpad

If you’re an Entrepreneur looking for support to launch your DeFi or Web3 projects, look no further because NEARStarter offers a Next-Gen Launchpad which offers the best DeFi or Web3 resources to help you deploy … Read more

AAVE coin value

Disclamer : I am not here to ruin the AAVE coin nor do I have the knowledge to back it. My question is about the reason AAVE as a coin is existing. They have created … Read more

How to make a post trending?

So I would like to push some thread for my lovely project and padswap I’m wondering what are the good strategies to trend on reddit? I don’t want normal shilling, I would like to … Read more

Something BIG coming to metaverse!!!

MetaCombine: The LinkedIn of GameFi ​ ## MetaCombine MetaCombine is the LinkedIn of the GameFi industry. It is an all-in-one platform that connects games, guilds, and gamers to unify and simplify the process of searching, … Read more

Projects with Interesting Tokenomics

There’s a couple projects I’ve researched that I think have some strong tokenomics. I’m wondering what other’s assessment of them is. **Padswap** \- There are two tokens here, I’m going to focus on only one … Read more

Ratl – Avoid web3 and Defi scams

Hello everyone, Since the beginning of the bear market, I’ve been thinking about different ways to onboard and accompany defi/web3 users in the ecosystem while staying away from questionable projects or scams. I built a … Read more

DeFi interest calculation

Hi, In aave, let’s assume by depositing usdc I get paid 2%, and borrow usdt, I have to pay 3%. For the sake of argument: Assume I deposit 100 usdc in aave and borrow 50 … Read more

Lokr AMA

Evde bir başka AMA’ya hazır mısınız🥳 ​ Bu sefer CTO’muz ve kurucu ortağımız Anis ile 27 Haziran saat 15:00 TSİ’de😍 ​ Aşağıdaki linkten bize katılın👇 ​ [ ​ AMA’ya katılamayacak iseniz önceden sorularınızı aşağıdan sorabilirsiniz👇 … Read more


Hello, when wanting to borrow on e.g. Compound, you have to deposit assets as collateral. Do you actually earn (1) interest and (2) liquidity mining rewards on this deposit? Because effectively you only see that … Read more

Ooki staking on Binance Liquid Swap.

Ooki is excited to announce that starting today, OOKI token holders can stake their Ooki tokens on [Binance Liquid Swap]( and earn a 9.71% yield on staked Ooki tokens. With the addition of OOKI staking … Read more