Ribbon Finance

Doing some research on Ribbon Finance, specifically the veRBN token contract. I see it takes the Curve veCRV model for issuance. Anyone know if there are derivative platforms built on top like Convex is to … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 28, 2022

### DeFi * [DeFi Lending Landscape]( * [Plutus Tokenomics 2.0 — Phase Two]( News * [Circle announces cross chain transfer protocol]( * [Ribbon Finance introduces new order-book based DEX built on a custom EVM rollup … Read more

DeFi Safety – Liquidation Notifications

If you’re like me, you have gone into the red cause you walked away from the computer for too long. Maybe you get liquidated or the token dumped too quickly. There’s a really nice tool … Read more

What defi instruments do you use and why?

Lately I’ve been digging deep into defi and ngl, my experience so far has been positive. I’ve been mostly testing the waters with dexes and farming. Because of the gas fee fiasco, I looked into … Read more

Primer: What is Market Making in DeFi?

Ever wondered how market makers work, what they do and how they affect the liquidity of markets? Check out the latest article on market making in DeFi from Kamino Finance. It explains the functions of … Read more

Defi calculator for beefy

I want to introduce defi calculator based on beefy historical rates and showing how much would you earn every day if you bought and deposited LP to beefy finance few days or weeks ago.It is … Read more

Best places to trade Options in DeFi?

I have a Phantom wallet on SOL and Metamask on ETH mainnet and L2s as well as other major chains. Feel free to suggest any – looking for the most popular and also user friendly … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 27, 2022

### DeFi * [Exploring low resolution dynamics of Uniswap fee performance]( * [How does yield amplification work on ChickenBonds?]( * [GobblerLend]( News * [Aloe Labs Introducing Aloe II]( * [Introducing fully private dollar cost averaging … Read more

Does liquid staking undermine weak subjectivity?

My understanding is that weak subjectivity requires that staked Eth have a withdrawal period. This allows for an objective canonical chain during this withdrawal period (because the staked funds are subject to at least partial … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 26, 2022

DeFi * [Aave: The Crypto Conglomerate]( * [Breakdown Mars Protocol V2]( * [A hedge against getting pegged]( News * [New whitepaper for Cosmos Atom 2.0]( * [Tribe claims are live]( * [Binance to implement Terra … Read more

Untapped Areas in Crypto/DeFi

I am looking for some inspiration to create something in crypto/DeFi, so I wanted to get ideas on what people would like. Is there some sort of tool that you wish was available? Is there … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 25, 2022

DeFi * [Frax Ether]( * [Tokenomics 101 Maple Finance]( * [Radiant Capital RFP-2 Emission Reductions – Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation]( * [The DYAD manifesto]( ### Layer 1 & 2 * [Luozhu’s thoughts on Layer 3]( … Read more

Is this a scam?

Just joined the telegram group of cryptocom, immediately five accounts sends me a lot of texts and calls telling me to “Follow the steps below to rectify your wallet Click on rectification Step 1. Go … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 23, 2022

### DeFi * [Integrate GMX as the next Pirex protocol]( * [Redacted Files #8]( * [Breakdown of Mycelium & GainsNetwork]( * [Breakdown Contango]( * [HAY Destablecoin]( News * [Horizon Bridge Update]( * [Github unbanned Tornado … Read more

blockchain dev roadmap (as backend dev)

Hi all, pretty new here. I started at least 1.5 year go diving into crypto and studying a lot of projects and mechanics. Nowadays I’ve made the decision to start investing time to become a … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 22, 2022

### DeFi * [7 undercollateralized lending projects]( * [MakerDAO MIP6 Application: RFA – Canadian Federally regulated mortgage originator]( * [Why Chicken Bonds?]( * [Modern DAI Peg Mechanics 102]( * [Alchemix \[AIP-64\] Acquire YFI for participation … Read more

The DeFi Franc Protocol (DCHF & Moneta)

As a Stablecoin Lover and Liquity User, I am so excited for the next two days. On Sunday the 25th of September, the DeFi Franc will launch. Today, the MON Bootstrapping will be open for … Read more

DEX’s Vs. Aggregators Newbie Question

Somewhat new to the space one thing I haven’t been able to wrap my head around, what’s the use case for trading on a pure DEX like Uniswap vs. going to an aggregator like 1inch? … Read more

Free Web3 Guide (300+ resources)

Hi all, I created a full web3 resource guide on everything to do with web3, whether your a beginner or a seasoned crypto degen. Simply duplicate it and it’s yours, or if you want to … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 21, 2022

### DeFi * [Makere adds GNO as new collateral]( * [How Trader Joe’s liquidity book will change DeFi landscape]( * [Time-vesting with the Uniswap v3 staker]( * [DollarDeFi or Crypto-Native Currency]( * [Realistic yield: Separating … Read more

Loaning NFTs: advantages and risks

NFTs are no longer just a jpeg, nor an in-game asset, but a big business in the eyes of many developers. Using NFTs as collateral for a loan is now an option, NFTs lending (which … Read more

How to compare Oracle networks?

Hi frens. I am fairly new to the space, and I was trying to compare different oracles like chainlink, kaiko, etc. I can’t seem to find a single point of difference, they all seem to … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 19, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Breakdown GMX “exploit”]( * [What is SynPress?]( * [GammaSwap explained]( * [A financial risk analysis of Solend]( ### News * [Llama-Airforce backend code open-sourced]( * [WonderLand: Pushing Forward]( * [Canto 54% … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 20 2022

### DeFi * [Drift v2’s Hybrid Liquidity Mechanism]( * [Breakdown Vertex Protocol]( * [Numia Data Docs]( ### News * [Coin98 launches fully-backed stablecoin CUSD]( * [Proposal to add a gauge for cbETH/ETH V2 pool]( * … Read more

Curve Newsletter

Hi guys. If you don’t already know it, this is the no-official newsletter about Curve Finance. If you don’t have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is … Read more

Daily DeFi News – September 18, 2022

## DeFi * [Proposal to add CRV/yCRV gauge to the Gauge Controller]( * [On Arrakis Finance v2]( * [The robustness of LUSD]( * [Opportunities and challenges of Web3 Loans]( ## News * [Infura announces plans … Read more