Breaking news in the world of crypto analytics Data Integration and []( Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with … Read more

Why InstaDEX?

The bear market is really taking a toll on the tezos blockchain as well as the whole market, this has festered in the community, the number of FUDs expressed amongst users 10x’ed. The Tezos ecosystem … Read more

Short on a stablecoin

Hey guys. I know i‘m not very early 🙂 But i expect UST to go nealry 0 the next days. So i would like to open a short position on this coin. 1. can you … Read more

European Union Plans To Pilot DeFi

**In a new** [**r**]( from the European Commission, the important body of the European Union writes of its intention to create a better regulatory framework for the DeFi market. For now, the European Commission sees … Read more


The $XPANZ Project – EXPANZ PROTOCOL! 🎯 THE $XPANZ PRESALE IS LIVE, CLICK HERE>> TO BUY YOURS NOW 🎯 💫 EXPANZ is The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in DeFi built on the Avalanche … Read more

Projects that keep me hopeful (Thorstarter)

After reflecting a little on these tough times for us degens and crying myself to sleep a couple nights, I’ve come to the conclusion that only projects with real value and future will make it … Read more

question about WBTC peg

As we have seen USD backed stablecoins are taking a hit weeks ago I assisted to a small project getting ruined by a flashloan attack and then UST unpegging. Now I haven’t seen a lot … Read more

Still Green in the Bloodiest Market

Everyone is an expert in a bull market and it looks like many projects may not survive this bear. With BTC falling below half of its all-time high, it is clear that altcoins are barely … Read more

UST Scheme!!!

I dont know about you guys, but for me just looks like that this Luna / UST thing was a huge scheme. Can some one tell me where did go that 19B that the anchor … Read more

Are you sitting on the sideline?

Hey all! [You might remember my post a few days ago about getting into defi through Anchor/UST.]( Ouch. I lost about $500 trying out Anchor/UST. This was a lot of money for me, and it … Read more

Impermanent Loss calculation

I’ve got a question to understand IL better. Example: I’ve got coin 1 and coin 2 in a liquidity pool. Coin 1 decreases by 10%. Obviously, I am experiencing impermanent loss. Now, let’s pretend I … Read more

Aggregate dex and taxes

Let’s say I’m using an aggregate dex like OpenOcean. I swap and the swap passes through 5 other dexes. Every hop between dexes has to be captured in your taxes doesn’t it? Now let’s say … Read more

Can UST ever get back to 1-1 peg?

I have invested in UST and depositted on anchor a bunch of money… Given that UST is trying to fight back to its peg, I don’t see a motive why to sell it at a … Read more

USDD vs UST: A comparison

Hi guys, I’d like to share my thoughts on the USDD vs UST debate and would like to see your takes on the subject, as I’m trying to decide whether-or-not engage with the USDD. I … Read more

What will happen to the Luna blockchain?

Will the infrastructure that runs it just get shut off? If you have wrapped tokens, did they become worthless too or can you bridge them back over? I guess ultimately my big question is… “What … Read more

Luna Madness

I bet most of you already heared of the luna terra madness happening right now for like some days already. As far as I am concern about some big players seem to have manipulated the … Read more

Stablecoin Risks

I’m a blockchain developer and researcher. I also work with government from time to time, as a contractor. My work has allowed me to have a few chats with ex-officials over the years, all of … Read more

9.62% for <=10k For US No risk

If you are investing 10k or less on stable coins on Nexo, blockfi or celcius, why don’t you buy Ibonds for 9.62% . Interest rates change with inflation. If less than a year , you … Read more

We should let LUNA die

**We should let LUNA die.** Let’s go back to 2008. There was an economic crisis. The government was vigorously looking for solutions to get out of the trouble. Central Bankers suggested, “a ground-breaking technique” called … Read more

The #Luna crash is an insane bloodbath.

Most investors lost a fortune, while others lost faith in [\#altcoins]( Either way, assets have been lost. Here are six pieces of advice for a serious investor. 1. Never invest more than you can lose … Read more

Best ETH farming strategies

What’s the best strategy to stack ETH at the moment? The criteria is to avoid yield paid in other tokens as much as possible and manageable leverage A few options: * Yearn vault for Curve … Read more

Regulation by People

Really sad to read one poster says all DeFi are ponzi. I believe in DeFi and I think it can solve some TradFi issues. Given the increase in issues with projects and people hate the … Read more

Advice Pls

So to elaborate more, I am going to be a junior in a business intelligence degree program but want to take the defi route as my career with it. Does anyone have advice on how … Read more

This will save LUNA

his is by far the best proposal I’ve read, a simple low tax on each LUNA transactions with proceeds used to burn supply. Full details in links. 26m+ votes at the time of writing 100% … Read more

UST Depeg & Proposal 1164

I had around 8k UST in Anchor, and 4K UST in Aperture. After the depeg I should have ran off the hills but I believed peg be restored. Then it hit 0.03$, and I didn’t … Read more

Let’s be real. All defi is a ponzi

Terra was an unsustainable ponzi – put in UST, get 20% apy . free money right? but look at the entire concept of defi put in money in (insert Liquidity pool) and get (insert crazy … Read more

Risks with Alpaca Finance’s Automated Vaults

I’m a fan of market neutral strategies and stumbled on Alpaca Finance’s Automated Vaults. They appear to be pretty stable so I’m wondering what are the risks and downsides? I like the 8x leverage ones … Read more

Donut Update

Looks like it says worst case its 15% which is what I expected (a 30% exposure and liquidated when it was at 50c). Why they didnt liquidate when it depegged by greater than 90c is … Read more