YSK running mining software at home on your PC can void its warranty

My HDMI port stopped working, took it to the shop for assistance and after some jiggling things around they found the display port worked and when the system booted up I had a terminal with Phoenix miner started up – that voids the Gigabyte warranty apparently and so are refusing to fix a 10 month card. I had no idea

I run it in the background whilst the machine is on, so it’s only active for a few hours a day, certainly not all the time.

I’ve made around 0.1 ETH with it total. So a bit miffed that small usage is enough for them to claim that

Anyhow I did actually mine so this is more letting others know to check the small print before writing their own or otherwise offering to help test crypto miner software

Using hardware for what it’s meant to do, not stressing it with over clocking or anything like that doesn’t seem entirely right to me – won’t fix it because of some op codes that were ent to it – card is about 10 months old

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6 thoughts on “YSK running mining software at home on your PC can void its warranty”

  1. So they decide how you use the hardware you own.

    If they would build reliable machines with sufficient cooling, there is no reason to worry about this.

    Or do they do the same for people having day-long rendering / video conversion tasks?

  2. This makes zero sense, mining cryptocurrency is less straining on the hardware than playing videogames because it’s a more consistant power draw without sharp spikes in workload while gaming has an incredibly inconsistant workload that demands high performance to make everything look as smooth as possible.

    If that voids your warranty then leaving some games idle in the main menu should too.


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