Your fiat money is already digital

We are still at a phase where the majority are still scared of crypto, and one of the biggest criticisms I hear is digital money isn’t real; however, our FIAT money is already digital and it is just as real as how we handle crypto NOW.

* You get paid by providing a digital bank account ID to your employer
* Employer pays you by transferring your money to your digital account OR you deposit a cheque to a bank where they increase the number in your digital account
* You spend your money by sending money to a merchant by tapping a card or providing an ID of a digital spending intermediate (Credit Card), which is a reduction to your digital bank account number

How we use crypto and fiat in 2022 is exactly the same. You can buy literal cars and homes currently without passing any physical form of currency by signing a few forms.

And which currency can you trust more, one that centralized authorities can manipulate with 0 recourse or one backed by cryptography

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22 thoughts on “Your fiat money is already digital”

  1. Trying to figure out the point of this post. Literally every person in this technological world knows our money is mostly digital.

  2. I think the real fear is that in crypto you get real time knowing of what each coin is worth. With fiat people are comfortable with the seemingly subtle vails placed over how much the money they use is “worth”. Yeah prices of ___ are rising and sometimes falling but people are comfortable with how that system works and there are more external factors to blame. General fear, not understanding, and fear of autonomy and being in more directly control of our own decisions and the results of them are what i see as the real reasons why people have not accepted crypto or utilized it as at least one tool in their wheelhouse.

  3. Yup – this really limits the upside to stablecoin/CBDC as a means of transaction. For all intents and purposes, all of our transactions are already digital, and involving crypto doesn’t do anything.

  4. Thinking of this you are right mate, literally everything is now digital even our fiat but what we use it for is most importantly that why I staked those fiat through ALBT LMass staking protocol to generate more fiat.

  5. I have to admit, the current inflation numbers are a very good counter to claiming that the almighty fiat has some “ground” to stand on.


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