You won’t get a 10x+ with the coins we are all talking about nowadays. You already missed that train. You need low-cap coins for that.

Obviously we all here want some profits. And most people in the crypto market are not just looking for some generic gains like a 2x. Crypto market has been a synonym of get rich fast. Sadly that is not always the matter now as much as it was few years ago. The market is maturing. Risk is declining but also reward.

To get some of those 10x gains, that are happily still possible, you need some low-cap coins. Because those are the ones that have the most growing room left, especially without any billions or so flowing in. It’s simple maths:

If a coin has a 10B market cap you can’t push it much further up with a 10M volume. But if you get a 10M volume for a 10M or even 100M coin (the max low cap coin) it’s easier to push up. In other words you can still be early there.

But you definitely should not just look for low-cap, that coin also needs some usage (utility) in the future or in today’s world. That’s about the most important thing. Obviously tokenomics are also important but there it’s already about advanced research and its not as important as utility anyway.

So obviously generic memecoins don’t qualify to that. Investing in those us more of gambling, having fun.

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31 thoughts on “You won’t get a 10x+ with the coins we are all talking about nowadays. You already missed that train. You need low-cap coins for that.”

  1. You’re right but it’s all risk/reward. The time to make parabolic gains on BTC and ETH were when they were risky. Now they are relatively safe so the rewards will be smaller.

    10 years ago BTC could’ve easily gone to zero.

    It’s all about your personal risk tolerance and discovering a project that will go 10x comes with the risks of it also going belly-up.

  2. 10x in 5-10 years is pretty reasonable for large caps honestly. Crypto gets us “rich” quite fast, compared to stocks and such. We are just way too spoiled.

  3. I understand what your saying, but 10x isn’t so far fetched as you think. If cro reaches binance spot, it would be 6x. If LRC replaced avalanche, it would be 35x

  4. you actually have a good chance to 10x the high cap projects, just in a much longer time span than the low cap projects you’re talking about.

    low caps are definitely worth putting some of your portfolio into, but they certainly come with a lot more risk. just look at all of the posts comparing the top 20 to several years ago, and you’ll see a lot of those that once were high caps are now low caps

  5. Even Bitcoin did 4k -> 69k this cycle, assuming it was the top.

    With a timeframe of several years, the coins we are talking about could very easily get 10x if you enter at the right time. They’re significantly more volatile than BTC.

  6. With the huge amount of shitcoins flooding the market you just need 1 to make a 10x or even 100x but make sure to take profits when you find one.

  7. Doesn’t anyone believe in OMI? I see nobody really talking about. The licenses from marvel, dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Disney. The app is also pretty nice.

  8. 10x with many of the top 100 is still possible if you hold them long enough. If you want low caps, look at ERG, OPCT, Verasity. They’re promising and never discussed much

  9. You guys need to think that there is no need to get X10 or x10000.

    You just need to have a strategy and made some money while the crypto works for you


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