You should probably reconsider your long term holdings.

We’re obviously in the down/sideways part of the cycle and some of us are continuing to DCA in coins we like, mainly ethereum and bitcoin and some other coins.

This is the time where we see what can actually get some usage, what is trash and what will be replaced. Wether it’s a layer one, a defi protocol, exchange coins, nfts or whatever. The landscape in crypto will probably be much more different in a year and it pays to wait what new tech will emerge and what will get crushed under ponzinomics/vc’s unlocks and or outright rugs and scam.

There are probably a lots of new innovative protocols that will emerge out of the new techs that is developped and will attract newer participants during the next cycle.


Either concentrate your dca on BTC/ETH or just keep some cash in the sideline until some teams release great stuff.

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32 thoughts on “You should probably reconsider your long term holdings.”

  1. You should always reconsider your long term holdings every now and then. Most projects, even those at the top, drop significantly from one year to the next. If the writing is on the wall for a project, ditch it.

  2. The one thing I also look for is if there’s an active community behind the project. A project with usage but has no support is as good as trash.

  3. I’m thinking longer term than weeks or months. I’ve got time and a little spare change from time to time. I’m betting on crypto playing out better than my 401k by retirement.

  4. I see no reason to limit your exposure to only Bitcoin or Ethereum and I think that we are closer to a bottom than a top .
    I see no reason to reconsider MY long term holdings .

  5. Alternatively you don’t know shit about fuck.

    There are multiple coins outside of the top 2 that will double/triple/quadruple before either one of the top 2 go up by 25%. You will miss those gains.

    I am definitely right and you are wrong.

    Source: crypto veteran with almost one year of casual interest

  6. I like to swing trade. Only been bitten twice so far. Still new to crypto though, so I’m sure I’ll get bitten again. But I’ve had a little success. I still dca into long term holdings, but I’ll keep swing trading.

  7. I’ll continue DCAing into BTC and ETH at 80% of my portfolio. I also DCA the rest into ADA, MATIC, ONE and DOT. Works for me.

  8. I will fill my nags woth ETH, SOL and CRO.

    80% ETF and 10% / 10% other two.

    It will either be great or dog shit.
    I’m betting on mostly OK.

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