You should definitely not listen to this sub during any major movements in crypto.

As we are currently having some major downtrends in the crypto market its way more important to stick to your plan than ever. But also major movements are the time where this sub is overly bipolar.

This sub is something way more volatile than crypto. Any minor movement causes a complete shift from bull to bearish in this subs sentiment. And during major movements like this, the sub goes completely crazy. Making predictions of either 100k in a week or as now 18k tomorrow. If you would listen to this sub you would absolutely master buy high sell low.

You should not listen to anyone actually during rough times and during very amazing times. Those are the moments you should keep your plan to yourself. Just strictly follow it and sell/buy when YOU think it’s right. That way you won’t regret it.

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31 thoughts on “You should definitely not listen to this sub during any major movements in crypto.”

  1. I often get good advice on this sub. You shouldn’t blindly follow everything but don’t act as if there is no good advice here.

    There is a loooot of good content despite what people say.

  2. If you’re hearing about the new coin that’s taking off from a 50k liked post on here chances are you already missed the boat.

  3. You should never listen to this sub to make money

    ALWAYS DO THE OPPOSITE of what this sub say

    Ex: this sub was shitting on SHIB for months and then it mooned. Same with Doge, etc

    This is a great sub for Crypto Karens

  4. People are lazy, it’s easier for them to listen to a random person on the Internet and buy coins based on someone else’s opinion than to spend time and effort making their own research.

  5. >You should definitely not listen to this sub

    Acting like a sub of over 4 million people act as one is the problem. With people here of varying levels if experience, there will be a lot of people we should definitely be listening to.

    There’s a lot of people you definitely *shouldn’t * listen to as well, that’s the challenging bit to figure out.

  6. When crypto is down you should buy, buy, buy.

    When crypto is up you should hold, hold, hold.

    In short: help inflate the value so I can make money off of you.

  7. Yeah I made the mistake early on to try and follow trends on Reddit for investing. But I realized that many people were just lucky during a bullrun. It’s better to just dyor. I come here for entertainment now.

  8. i suppose 4.5m people have different opinion. plus i would rather fail by my own choices rather than following other people’s advise and being their exit liquidity

  9. Literally just keep buying and in 5 years it’ll be profit idk what people don’t get about that. Don’t sell of the money isn’t life changing. Whether it’s retirement, big homes, nice cars. Whatever it is you want don’t sell until we reach that milestone

  10. We should all be aware that this sub is an echo chamber. With that said, you can learn from a lot of really smart people here if you know how to distinguish them from the rest.

  11. As much as I enjoy and squirm when I read ” what should I do or what should I buy” it amazes me people come here for that info. Do your own DD.

  12. Right now, I’m here mostly for the laughs, shitpost comments, commiseration and hopium, the latter of which I’m not even acting on — only using to soothe my jangled nerves.

    And yeah, this sub’s sentiment swings like a goddamn pendulum, lol.


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