You should consider all money invested in crypto already lost. Better to be happily suprised than dissapointed.

Before you invest any money in crypto say goodbye to them, at least I until you will make profits. Sit and tell yourself you lost all those money. What is your reaction? If you think it would be terrible or that it won’t ever happen it mean you overinvested.

Ofc everyone would be angry if they would lose few hundreds and thousands dollars, but ask yourself- would it ruin just your day or your whole life? I yesterday accidentaly lost $2. Just mere $2, I was angry, cause it was my own stupidity and I hate losing, but now I am fine, not money that would ruin anything. The same would be with losing my crypto investments. I would be furious for some time and it is natural, but by no means my life would change for worse. I would be the same person with the same lifestyle. Only think hurt would be my male pride. If you would have debts or be homeless after losing all your invested money you are literally gambling your savings and security of your family away. It is irresponsible, selfish and dumb. Not act suprised if your whole life will fail one day cause of it. Victims of Luna or Celsius though everything will be fine once too. Some of them ruined future of their kids or even commited suicides. It is dark as heck and brutal comparation, but you must always imagine the worst case scenario.

You invested $100? What $100? You invested $10k? You have $10k less. Not “Just in case I can took my money back”, cause it can be impossible. Covid, war in ukraine, huge inflation, crisises in 1929 or 2008. Do you think those people were able to predict market crashing? Nope. That is why you should NEVER rely on future profits, never even think that you will get your investment back. Your stocks or crypto can fall overnight. Too many people ruin their future by overinvesting and not understanding consequences of their actions.

Always have some money saved, I do not even talk about months of salary cause I know times are bad and not everyone is rich to save their 6 months or yearly salary before investing. But at least have some savings, idk buy gold or silver so inflation won’t eat them. Also never imvest in just one project and try to diversify between different investments, not only crypto. Do not think you can put all your money into crypto now cause it is bear market and double it in just few months. You will most likely fail and your money in good scenario will be blocked untill end of bear market that most likely will come in 2 years. Invest as much you can without losing financial stability and forgot about those money. They are not yours anymore until they will pump enough to take profits.

TL;DR: Invest only what you can afford and even those money treat as thrown away. Better to be happily suprised than dissapointed and financially ruined by overinvesting.

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29 thoughts on “You should consider all money invested in crypto already lost. Better to be happily suprised than dissapointed.”

  1. If you’re putting money into something and treating it as already gone maybe it’s not a great investment. Or you should only be putting like 20 bucks into it bc it sounds more like a lottery ticket than “investing”

  2. Awful take.

    If this is your outlook on crypto just get out entirely.

    If you’re doing enough due diligence on your crypto investments you don’t need to pretend youre throwing money away.

  3. Sure, if you need this psychological framing to cope with the volatility and risk, but it’s probably not conducive to good risk and portfolio management.

    For me, it’s better to confront and accept reality than engage in make believe to avoid psychological discomfort.

  4. If it works for you then great but I personally don’t find this helpful.

    If investing in crypto for you is like buying a lottery ticket then this makes sense.

    If you wish to manage and grow a balanced portfolio of a bunch of different cryptocurrencies, you should periodically be checking on the project, re-evaluating your allocation, and sometimes you probably should cut your losses. Because maybe you *have* lost 60% of your fucking SafeMoon and you can wake up and get out in time before you lose 99%.

  5. In heavily marketed shitcoins, yes. But to lose it in an exchange bankruptcy, its kinda your fault? Again. Not your keys not your coins. Sorry for the rant.

  6. Why even invest in crypto at all if you don’t believe in it? I think a lot of people here are in the wrong field and forget that there are many other forms of investments.

  7. This is ridiculous. Putting real life money into an investment so shitty that you just consider it lost is the dumbest advise ever. Why not advise people to do some research and look at actual financial data and make financial decisions based on that as opposed to plopping in into something mentioned on Twitter and memeing about being poor?

    And then you use the Great Depression as a reference. Hoo boy, where did you go to school?

  8. There use to be a saying around here – only invest what you can afford to lose –

    Yes no one wants to lose or plans on losing but if amount invested doesn’t effect your needs than it’s a lot easier to not be effected by loss. I would add this also help to make better decisions since there is less emotion involved.

  9. This is how you avoid panic selling (up to a certain point). Because if you consider it “already gone” then it losing 50% won’t hurt as much. But if you don’t take profits, after some large gains, losing 50% is “losing” more than you even initially put in. It’s not a loss if you don’t sell but it’s also not a gain until you sell. Enjoy the ride.

  10. Long time HODLer (10+ years) but I’ve built up my entire life with fiat only not relying on crypto. The point is to be responsible with your finances. While I probably could be taking out massive profits and enjoying life more, I also feel it’s easy to get greedy and to lose sight of things. I make a solid income in life as does my partner, and crypto is just the cherry on top. Focus on your life and how to make it better first before simply relying on crypto as your only way out.

    The people who are thinking of crypto as a get rich quick scheme or the only way to financial freedom are the ones sinking 100% of savings into Celsius and hoping that gets them rich. If you don’t already understand investing and long term savings I highly recommend people learn that first before thinking crypto is going to give them anything.

  11. Considering the money already gone is not the same as only investing money you can afford to lose.

    If you consider it already gone, you are not investing; you are gambling. It’s nobody elses business if you want to gamble, but giving up money with the expectation of no return would be the opposite of an investment.

  12. Yeah, let me invest in something and then just pretend it doesn’t exist. That way I can ignore all important news and info about that investment. /s

    This is terrible advice.

  13. I didnt win the MegaMillions lottery last night, but my crypto investments are still investing because an investment is not the lottery. It might be a risky investment and I won’t invest more than I can afford to lose but I don’t consider ALL my $ lost the second I drop it into crypto. Sir, this is not a lottery.

  14. I massively disagree with you op.

    Yes, small balls of money thrown into small cap alts is gone. Those are lotto tickets. But that’s not indicative of the whole crypto market. If that’s how you feel, you obviously haven’t done any research / due diligence. Bitcoin and dogecoin, for example, are VERY different animals.

    But for me to assume all money placed in bitcoin/eth is “gone” is insane.

    Bitcoin is the hardest money on the planet. It won’t go to zero, at least not until we’re coming up on the last mined coin. I doubt it will fail then either, but that’s another discussion to be had by folks 100yrs from now (viability of tx fees as sole mining profit).

    No, I would assert that money invested into crypto (not gambled as above, but invested in GOOD projects) is locked away, not lost.

    In 4 years it will be worth more than it’s worth today, almost assuredly. In 8 years, it WILL be worth a significant amount more. And so forth.

    So there’s your new perspective: automatically assume that money invested in bitcoin is locked away for 8-12 years. White collar cryptos are more like bonds than they are lotto tickets. If you can’t afford to lose that money for a decade, don’t invest it.

    But to imagine that someone (non VC) would invest tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars into something and expect that it’s simply “gone” is ludicrous.

    Something tells me OP is very young, and not invested very heavily.

    If you expect an investment to truly negative returns, don’t invest in it. If you treat that money as lost, you can’t/won’t invest enough in it to open the door for meaningful profit later.


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