You May Not Like Politics In Bitcoin or Politics In General, You May Not Want To Do Politics, But Politics *Is Going TO DO YOU*

Bitcoin has gotten too big to ignore partisan politics, now regular bitcoiners will deal with the reality that hardcore cypherpunk libertarian have already known for the longest.

Reasons why I’m right, and politics neutral people and the politically ignorant are wrong:

I’m a classical political anarchist, I’ve spent my life studying the government of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, I know what happened, and what led to it, I understand authoritarian extremist fringe modern current groups very well, and how they can bring heat down on crypto through guilt by association, and how the government can abuse this concern trolling like Trudeau is currently doing.

Conservatives are less hostile to bitcoin because some republican politicians are being open about it. The moment Trump or Tom Cotton tells them to be hostile towards it, they will be. Bill Barr, Mnunchin, and Trump and the entire Neocon establishment are and were hostile to bitcoin.

But we have a much bigger problem, the cultural zietgeist of progressives is deeply against the thesis and purpose of bitcoin. The liberal parties of western countries believe there is always an excuse or reason for the government to intrude upon and violate not just the constitution but the very Thesis of Bitcoin itself;

They do not believe in the right to censorship resistance, confiscation resistance, and radical financial sovereignty and self custody, they want backdoors, and they want to violate your freedom of assembly, property, and speech, they are becoming radicalized and anti-liberal in the process. I consider them the “Blue Stack” a fascist merger of colluding government agencies, NGO, corporate press, and extreme tech conglomerates operating in sync to censor and depatform people.

Bitcoin cannot survive with one party, with only conservative parties, even if the average progressive is hardline opposed to the separation of the state and money, we must \*CO-OPT and Control The Liberal Parties of the West\*

\*We Must Co-opt and Control The Liberal Parties Of The West\*

\*We Must Get anti-crypto Candidates Knocked Out of the Running, and Pro Bitcoin Pro Self-Custody Candidates Elected\*

The cultural zeitgeist of western liberal parties is about as anti-cypherpunk as imaginable now, they will call anyone a Nazi, and do anything to censor you, they are on a clear trajectory towards extreme tyranny and abuses of the lack of constitutional restraint, we cannot let them continue forward in this manner.

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12 thoughts on “You May Not Like Politics In Bitcoin or Politics In General, You May Not Want To Do Politics, But Politics *Is Going TO DO YOU*”

  1. The global banking system is way more powerful than any government. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. The puppet strings are pulled by a whole different group of people.

  2. I am a classical liberal along the lines of JFK & we know what they did to him. Your post is very well thought out & in my opinion, accurate. I say this as a former true believer Red Diaper baby. Your *Conclusion I think is our only chance to avoid being fully dominated & enslaved, many of us already accept it willingly. Yes I am as old as dirt, & I have been watching the PROGRESS over the last 65 years. We need more voices like yours or we really will end up dead, or owning nothing & being happy or ELSE. At this point, the typical Progressive politician & assorted power brokers are ALL about the money, Fiat money & the power over people that comes with that. The Party that I knew went from trying to take down The MAN, To becoming The MAN & they were VERY OPEN ABOUT DOING SO OVER MANY DECADES. There have been many voices that warned us, including those who died or were crushed in the history of Revolution & Marxist related movements. You said this much better than I could have. 🙏

  3. All government will be pro crypto when they find out the power it has. All transactions recorded on a ledger. That’s a government’s wet dream. All governments will allow crypto to continue in its current state, essentially letting all of us work out the kinks. Once they’re satisfied with the proof of concept, the CBDCs come and all other cryptos outlawed. Road map is clear as day, make your fiat out why you can

  4. Fuck I’m so glad you said this. As someone who double majored in political science and economics, the lack of politically aware people in crypto groups astound me.

    They get blinded by the media and indoctorined with liberal values through the educational system. We are seeing Trudeau and Biden exposing these issues but a majority of the population are desensitized to it. My mom came from the Philippines with their insane dictator duarte and does not vote democrat because of her experience. That’s why I never demonized conservatives like everyone I know, because people like my mother are screwed by the left even though their (the left) narrative claims otherwise. It goes soooo much deeper than that. I never get political, but I absolutely hate our current political situation.

  5. *The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater*

    – Frank Zappa


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