You know the shit is real when you stop checking this sub

For the last few days I spent my daily regular 1-2 hours on Reddit. The only difference is the sub I am spending that time. Usually I spend more than one hour in this sub and half hour in the front page watching memes, interesting articles, following other topics. Still watching the charts like hourly tho.

But since Friday I am spending almost my entire Reddit time refreshing r/worldnews, looking for the news on the Russian-Ukranian situation. On Thursday we went from 45k to 41,5k because news were out that the situation is getting worse. Today we went from that 41 back to 44 only because like 1% of the troops were moving away from the border (pretty much a bluff). That not much, but image if news were out that they actually invaded or that they accepted diplomatic solutions and headed back home.

I am watching closely not only because Ukraine is my neighbour, but these macroeconomic impacts and price movements are teaching a lot about markets. Just as the China/US FUD, inflation and adoption news.

We are getting smarter, witnessing true economic impacts.

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17 thoughts on “You know the shit is real when you stop checking this sub”

  1. Part of the learning process in trading as well as investing does require paying attention to charts, news events etc, but after a while when you understand how the markets actually work you realize that news events don’t actually matter and the markets drives the news, it’s not the other way .
    Bottom line I rarely pay attention to what the news of the day is because its all bullshit .
    Read a news story near the open after a company earnings report . Example , market has been open for 15 minutes and the story says investors shrug off x company earnings where their earnings were up x percent since last quarter and x percent year on year, stock is down 2 % . Then read the news after the close about the same stock which says something like investors excited about x company earnings which were up x percent for the quarter and up x percent year on year , stock closed up ,5 % .
    It’s like saying Putin will attack any day and then say hey Putin might not . Truth is none of that matters at all if you understood the market and if you understood what is really going on then you would know it’s all propaganda bullshit to divert your attention away from the truth .

  2. What a verbose way to say “current events affect your investments”. Something that’s been known for, I don’t know, a thousand years or so?

  3. I love this sub and love crypto. I will always give here a lot to check news, new ideas, see others opinions. Is not good to only see opinions you agree.

  4. At this point its easier just to follow the s&p and stock futures; the two are correlated but with the stock market there is so much more info

  5. We don’t know shit about fuck. So if this sub influences you in any way you are doing it wrong lol. This sub has some great content here and there but it should imo only be to judge how the sentiment is. And to talk about crypto ofc. Love how all the “experts” were saying war is coming lmao.


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