You know shit is about to get real when VET and ADA start to pump.

After like 6 months of just crabbing and bleeding a lot. We are finally picking up some pace. And a what a pace that is. Before that always BTC went up and we thought the rally is about to start. But this time we got the real indicators going up. The famous ADA and VET stablecoins are on the rise!

I mean seriously what was the last time we saw ADA making double digit gains nearly everyday and goddamn VET pump 30% in one day. Other Cryptos pump double digits nearly every second week or so. That’s nothing special and does not mean anything at all.

And if we are all lucky we may be going on such a MASSIVE rally that ADA would be capable of regaining its stablecoin status at 1.20$ and VET its stable coin status at 0.11$. Buckle up everyone we are in for a helluva crazy ride.

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37 thoughts on “You know shit is about to get real when VET and ADA start to pump.”

  1. I bought ada back at $2.20, rode to $3, watched it crash to $.80. DCA’d every week it was under $1.10 and really lowered my cost basis. Still posting a loss, but having a cost basis of $1.48 feels way better than the $2.70 I had 6 months ago

  2. Since I own both, you know I’m happy. Been a long time coming back, I’m enjoying this. I’m still losing money on both but at least it’s less bleeding than before

  3. I’ve been buying and selling VET since before it was VET. One thing always seems to be the same. VET pumps completely opposite of the rest of the market lol. It’s always the first to pump and the first to tank and get called a shitcoin.

    It’s been a pretty good money maker for me over the years by buying and selling based on what the rest of the market does. When things seem to be going really well I have often sold my VET because it will probably be the first to crash, then I buy back before it reverses.

    I’m not always right and I never get the exact top or bottom but it’s made me quite a lot of money in the last few years and has been my main lady ever since haha. (Currently hold 0 VET)

  4. Calling a coin that went from 5 cents a year and few months ago to 1,2$ today a stable coin? Y’all expect to much. Those are massive massive gains. no im not a ADA fanboy.

  5. You know shit is getting real when OG coins pump. ahahahah ada is a stable coin joke aside, when you see lite coin, etc classic, BTC cash, etc…going it is time to focus.

    First the OGs, then back into BTC dominance, then trickle down into ALTS. You know shit has hit the fan when you see XLM pump man, not ADA.

    ADA is going to grow steadily for the next decade, and if you have patience you will do well. It isn’t a pump and dump coin.

  6. But..this couldn’t be.

    ADA was a scam. Charles was a liar. Cardano was finished.

    Has /r/cryptocurrency lied to me?

  7. Been watching and 5% swing trading VET and ADA 7 day looks ready to soar, might be the turnaround for the crypto market!

  8. I started out with VEN which eventually turned into VET. Nevertheless, I ended with zero VET holdings after a few years. Best of luck to you VET hodlers!

  9. Hodl’d VET since 2018, it’s not a stable coin if you zoom out but agree it times its moment to move. Makes the pumps even better when they come


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