Ydragon and Swappble collab for NTR -1 shoe NFT .

swapable NFTs recently did a collab with YDragon to come up with YDragon NTR1-Meta NFT sneakers . This is what i found very interesting , you can either retain the NFT or Burn it and claim a pair of Real sneakers for the same ! Also swapable has done collabs with other projects too,. It is good to see that NFTs are finding innovative ways to be of Utility .
NFTs cannot just be mere certificates of authenticity , they need to start coming up with use cases ,

Some launchpad expect you to hold an NFT to participate in IDOs , Some cardano projects are rewarding Holder’s NFT if you reamin staked with a project through the ISPO , Ydragon itself has a Utility NFT which allows you to access Private Blockcahin Funds and the other perks .
Now to see these Burnable NFTs to swap with a real world product is very cool

Hope to see more such innovations in the whole crypto + NFT ecosystem.


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