XYO: Worth a Look? Here’s what I’ve found >

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# XYO: Overall score: 7/10

**What is it?:** Object location tracking used in real world & relayed to blockchain.

**Use Case:** Pay-on-delivery systems, geospatial verification.


**Team: 7/10**

• 14 total team members.

• 4 Developers actively coding.

• Majority of team is not anonymous.


**Tokenomics: 9/10**

• 90% of supply in circulation.

• All XYO tokens sold during ICO.

• No inflation.

• No investor lockups.

• Limited use cases.


**Macro Price-Action & Dump Protection: 8/10**

• Token is well distributed (top holder has only 7% of supply).

• Only 3% of coins traded per day.

• Has reached higher-highs for 2 cycles consecutively.


**Website & Community: 2/10**

• Website visitors per month: 35k vs 112k avg\*.

• Community size 69.5k vs 116k avg\*.

• Website has too much focus on purchasing XYO token.


**Application: 8/10**

• 79k reviews + 4.4 stars.

• 1M+ downloads.

• Rewards users/miners for time, data, geospatial tracking & verification in COIN currency.



• Tied to XY Labs which has had increasing revenues.

• No roadmap found.

• Overly reliant on pay-on-delivery system being adopted.

• Continually makes misleading references the XYO token performance by measuring cycle trough to peak.



• All opinions are my own & scores given after examining projects with a similar FDV.

• Avg: refers to average found across 10 projects with a similar Fully Diluted Valuation.

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8 thoughts on “XYO: Worth a Look? Here’s what I’ve found >”

  1. Thanks for sharing op, gonna check it out, but someone who feels like investing in it needs to do a much more in-depth analysis.

  2. I actually get these tokens for free through the coin app ,I won’t complain if they pump but not a token I would buy personally without a roadmap…

  3. I have $1500 xyo trapped in a wallet that I never moved and destroyed the seed to 2 years ago. Got them from a location app and sent them all to my eth wallet. Now I can’t access them so I just look at it form time to time


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