XNO won’t make you rich but it’s what crypto should be!

Alright guys I’m a big NANO fan I use playnano daily and have probably received well over 300 pounds in Nano playing games doing surveys and tasks.

Is this going to make me rich no I don’t believe it will.

Do I hold my NANO no actually I use it with my crypto.com visa debit and get 1% cashback there is probably better ways to do this but I’m lazy

I love crypto I love the consept of NANO take the time and look into it

Feeless and at the best times I can almost have an instant transfer to my crypto.com exchange

I love crypto but im probably one of the few who don’t hold long term and use crypto in daily life which for me NANO is the way so get onto it guys haha

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21 thoughts on “XNO won’t make you rich but it’s what crypto should be!”

  1. No lambo? What sort of metaverse is this lol.. for cash backs i still on the old known fiat credit cards lol i wanted the CRO one but is to much 4k


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