XMR will either be the private currency of the future or regulated to within an inch of its life

Regulation Regulation Regulation! Seems to be the thing alot of governments are pushing for with crypto.

Monero offers privacy, and governments don’t like this. The IRS even have a bounty of up to $625,000 for anyone who can crack Monero.

This can be seen as huge a positive for Monero and what it stands for, but also ensures that governments will be keeping a close eye on it.

As much as we may not like it or care to admit, there is nothing stopping the government from clicking their fingers and regulating it to death or instantly making it ilegal. If they did decide to go down that route, there isn’t much we can do about it.

Kracken have already stopped trading Monero for UK customers following “guidance from the UK regulators”. Is this just the beginning?

We need crypto and Monero now more than ever but big brother is always watching

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17 thoughts on “XMR will either be the private currency of the future or regulated to within an inch of its life”

  1. Atomic swaps will solve that problem. As long as the wealthiest people on this planet need to hide their wealth, monero or another privacy coin will be valuable. Just look at Panama papers

  2. I think XMR will be the private currency of the future AND be regulated to within an inch of its life.

    Governments will hate it, companies will be afraid to have it on their books, but the individual will still be able to use it to maximize their personal privacy.

  3. I have been mining XMR for a while now but have been wondering where is the best place to buy some since mining is taking so long for me? Hopefully I’ll hit a block soon!

    Bullish on XMR personally

  4. I love monero, and i wish the project well. However, with the amount of exchanges that delisted monero, and it’s perceived image it’s value has just gone down over time, and i recently dropped my bag that I bought in 2017, just below a break even point.

  5. Oh I fully expect that part of the coming regulation will include strong arming exchanges to delist XMR. It won’t be illegal to buy, own, trade, etc…but CeFi institutions will be *strongly* advised by their boards (and government insiders) that if they like staying out of regulatory crosshairs, they’ll need to delist XMR pronto.

    I love Monero and use it frequently as a medium of exchange, but I don’t have the balls to hold any as an asset right now with the current state of things.

  6. If I cracked Monero, the first thing I would do would be to put out a notice saying that I can’t crack it and will pay someone if they can.


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