Wtf is with the price on

A few weeks back I was crawling around /cc and got into a convo with somebody about small cap alts. They mentioned, I’d never heard of it, and haven’t heard of it since

Did veeeeeeeeeery light research but what I saw I liked and looked promising so I added some to my bag for shits and giggles. Go about my life and dca into the normal coins and stay on top of the crypto news, read a bit more about aleph (there’s not a lot out there).

Now I’ve thought the price is weird for a while, just not weird enough to type this out and ask Reddit. Wtf is with the straight line on alephs price? Is it total lack of volume causing it?? I’ve never seen a stock or coin go in an absolute straight line

Do I convert this thing over to something else, or is this normal?

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  1. It has a market cap of 48 million usd, and a 24 hour trading volume of only 0.4 million. I think low volume is the cause of stagnation in the price.


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