Would you DCA 20$ in to BTC or ETH every week long term ?

Guys the thing is, i have low income, i can only invest little by little. Talking about 20€ per week DCA.

I want “safe bet”, so its BTC or ETH.

Wich one would you pick, if you have 20€ or dollar to DCA per week for long term.

My dream would be one day own 1 whole ETH, just for kicks.. to be so called whole coiner… its impossible with BTC, but ETH would be possible… maybe 🙂

**If you are going to say do 10/10 eth and btc… im that kind of person who can only focus on one thing at the time, so investing low ammounts to two assets makes my brain go no no :D**


EDIT: why does it say im reddittor for 10 days ? My 1 year cakeday is coming in 7 days 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Would you DCA 20$ in to BTC or ETH every week long term ?”

  1. It doesn’t matter if its 100€, 20€… invest a value that is consistent with your financial reality. I live in a 3rd world country, so I DCA very little compared to most people in this sub (even you lol). Any money is more than no money.

  2. I’d go for Eth. More risk, more reward.

    The Eth 2.0 merge is coming up. Major events can act as price catalysts.

    Eth has outpaced BTC for the last two years, so it has the wind in its sails so to speak.

  3. Yes, I have a daughter who is 6, for the past year I have been adding about £50-100 a month of BTC to her wallet and we get like £80 a month off the government for her also which we put it, it adds up very very quickly. Be interesting to see where it is when she is 18 in 12 years.

  4. I would say ETH as I believe it has more chance for larger growth (as a % of its current value) simply because it does more and has a larger opportunity to change itself and the surrounding market.

    I’m biased though and hold zero BTC.

    Either way as a DCA you can’t go wrong with either or both of those.

  5. BTC. U want safe u go BTC. U want more chance of a greater return but more risk go ETH. Dont see eth as safe as btc just because it gets shilled alot around here.

  6. I’ve been working on accruing 1 ETH as well. It is difficult in that I really don’t make much money, but that is the one I am working on.

    Edit for verbiage.

  7. I belive that not a question the question is how much fee on 20 dollars per week will you pay on 20 dollars 🤔? 2nd what is your earn APY 🤔

  8. I have both in roughly equal amounts but **BTC is safer as an investment**. There’s a reason so many blockchains claim to be “ETH killers” and none claim to be a “BTC killer”. It’s because ETH’s position is actually up for grabs, and a blockchain that can manage to perform ETH’s functions faster or for lower fees can take market share from it. Believing that ETH will always be the top dog just because it’s there now is shortsighted and akin to believing “Apple will never compete with IBM” a few decades ago.

  9. If you want “safe bet” then split the money between both of them, something 50/50.

    Yeah, you already said that you don’t like it, but investing is also to control your emotions and doing rational decisions


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