Would retail adoption increase if exchanges sold Sats instead of BTC?

I think many people (including me) have a bias towards owning a whole coin of something or 100 of something or a 1000 of something?

Coinbase could just decide to display the trades in Sats, right?

I think a lot of Altcoin attraction os that you can buy whole coins.

I’ve got Bitcoin ownership targets based purely on the delineation of market cap. When I think about it, it doesn’t make sense. I wanted to own a whole etherium as if I wasn’t going to check on my portfolio for a few years and have a nice suprise that I’m rich in 5 years. But I check it 10 times a day 😂

Thoughts on CEX listing SATS over BTC?

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15 thoughts on “Would retail adoption increase if exchanges sold Sats instead of BTC?”

  1. CashApp tried this. They displayed buying “sats” by default instead of buying 0.0001 BTC for example, and people ended up getting confused. They switched it back after a month or so.

    There’s still the option to change the display to either BTC or sats, but BTC is what people are most used to at this point.

  2. One of the major reasons why companies have stock splits is to reduce the cost per share. It is well known that there is a psychological effects amongst investors where if the cost of one share (or one coin in this case) is too expensive, people avoid it.

  3. When you buy BTC you are buying It in Sats. Sats are just the lowest denomination of BTC.

    Edit: after reading comments I see what
    you are saying. Instead of .00000001 BTC the price would read 1 Sat

  4. I’m gonna launch a new shitcoin named SatsMOON that is simply a wrapped BTC contract delineated in Sats. 1% fees go to me and I’ll retire by the end of the month 🤣

  5. I don’t really think it would increase. People know BTC. By now they should know they can buy fractions of it. Either you want to buy BTC or you don’t at this point. Sats isn’t gonna change that.

  6. Uhhhh. You can buy Satoshi’s just fine. 0.0001 BTC, etc. USD balances aren’t given with “102 Dollars, 34 Pennies”. If people can’t grasp the equivalence here they don’t really understand how crypto works.

  7. This is part of the logic behind stock splits. A 10:1 stock split preserves the wealth of people who already hold, but psychologically can make it more appealing to people who can now own (e.g.) 2 shares instead of 0.2 of a share. Of course, that’s not possible to do with an existing cryptocurrency without a hard fork, basically.

    To address other people’s (I think valid) comments about the “Satoshi vs Bitcoin” confusion for laypeople, you may have to call it something different, but accurate. Perhaps sell it in 100 Satoshi bundles and just call them “microBTC”?

  8. It might have a negative effect. Seeing you need another 95 million Satoshi’s after dropping 2 grand would dishearten most people.

  9. I read posts like this all the time and it somehow still manages to blow my mind.

    It’s comparable to thinking grocery stores should display prices in cents, rather than dollars.

    A sat is a fixed fraction of a BTC.

    This is literally a matter of “six of one, half a dozen of another”. Calling it something different changes absolutely nothing at the end of the day.


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