Why some Coin or token start from the bottom but some start from the top?

I see that some token like most top 100 crypto like polygon,theta token,Solana start from the bottom, like a lot of those coin usually cost only few cents in the early day and now some worth a few dollars and some worth up to more than a hundred dollars. But i notice some token like ICP, beta finance for example start from top and the price keep going down even it recieve some pump but after that it just going down again, some lose almost 90% of it value.Some of them seems like a good project but maybe because of bad tokenomic or overvalued?

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10 thoughts on “Why some Coin or token start from the bottom but some start from the top?”

  1. it doesn’t matter where they start from, what matters is how these projects are going. solana is one of the most growing projects for example, and now it’s having a decent launchpad named solana prime. this would literally push it forward, so it’s definitely going up. and startups will begin to look even more decent on this chain lol

  2. I would say this are the most important things I can imagine right now:

    * Marketing
    * Hype
    * Future promise
    * Roadmap
    * Whitepaper
    * The team
    * Market Situation

  3. Also good to remember that the price you see is literally what the last purchase was made at. Someone releases a new shitcoin, then buys it himself for 10€ a pop, now thats the “going price” in listings

  4. Starting Price has got nothing to do with a coins success. What matters is how much percentage gains it makes. Pricey coins will have low circulating supply while its opposite for lower priced coins.


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