Why isn’t the crypto community showing any support to El Salvador right now?

>The government declared a state of emergency and locked down prisons after 87 murders were committed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By comparison, there were 79 homicides in the entire month of February.

>The US government alleges Bukele’s government bought the gangs’ support with financial benefits and privileges for their imprisoned leaders including prostitutes and cellphones. Bukele has vehemently denied the accusations.

>“And if the international community is worried about their little angels, they should come and bring them food, because I am not going to take budget money away from the schools to feed these terrorists,” the president wrote.

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It’s kinda sad to realize that sometimes people only care to pay attention and bring the spotlight to the things that benefit them.

This sub always paid so much attention to El Salvador, praised it and “supported it”

If this was about El Salvador creating a candy shop that accepted Shot420, there would be 50 posts about it in here. But when it’s to discuss some negative aspect, there’s none.

It’s always about the hype.

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29 thoughts on “Why isn’t the crypto community showing any support to El Salvador right now?”

  1. This is a cryptocurrency sub. How is that confusing? We don’t talk about the new road they put in in southern El Salvador, nor the fish Pepe caught yesterday in the surf. Now, If Pepe sold that fish for Bitcoin, then it would become relevant and we could talk about it.

    Bitcoin isn’t responsible for or relevant in every aspect of every participants lives.

  2. I don’t think many people here actually care about El
    Salvador. They care about how them adopting BTC will affect them.

  3. I mean, probably because that’s only tangentially related to crypto and this is a crypto sub… I haven’t seen all that many posts about Ukraine/Russia either other than both governments mulling over legalizing different aspects of crypto, or charities taking crypto donations.

    I’m glad I now know of this issue but I wouldn’t have expected to see it here unless the accusation was that he was bribing these gangs with BTC from the national treasury or a cut of profits from the mining facilities or something like that.

  4. There is stuff happening all over the world in a lot of different countries. This is a crypto sub so unless they are doing something involving crypto we aren’t talking about it here.

  5. I am actually in El Salvador at the moment . The surf is great, the weathers beautiful, and the ppl have been nothing but very nice and welcoming

  6. people only like to praise good things happening, tell them that even thought El Salvador accepts bitcoin its still suffering from massive corruption and poverty isn’t a popular subject with the bitcoin crowd.

  7. Because the crypto community knows absolute shit about the state of most countries

    Whenever we hear anything positive about crypto we just rave about it and forget all other aspects (but this is a crypto sub afterall)


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