Why is nobody talking about 1BTC on Harmony?

1BTC just launched on the Harmony blockchain with an operational BTC bridge and there’s nothing about it in this sub.

This is a huge play by Harmony and opens up a suite of low cost, higher yield options for BTC holders looking to get returns on their investment (see Tranquil Finance); this also paves the way for BTC to be more widely used as a transactional currency as adoption into other Dapps occurs. This will only be aided further by the low cost of the harmony blockchain.

What are people’s thoughts on this?

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27 thoughts on “Why is nobody talking about 1BTC on Harmony?”

  1. Pretty big but a lot of the other chains have already had Bitcoin bridges.

    I personally don’t use them because the upside for Bitcoin is high enough already, and generally the interest yields aren’t high enough to justify the additional risk of bridges and smart contract hacks (not to mention user error!).

  2. I’ll start talking about it when I’ve loaded up my bags with a few more paychecks xD

    But seriously, yes, ONE has a great roadmap ahead, it finished 2021 very strongly in the market and in developments, and will continue to make strides in 2022 🙂

    No regrets making ONE my largest alt-coin in my portfolio!

  3. Harmony is the network I spend the most time on by far. Nothing overly serious, but I like farting around with the various defi options. I’ve only got a small amount spread around but it’s fun to interact with platforms when the fees are basically negligible.

  4. People are idiots, don’t worry. They still would shill chains which can’t properly run an AMM/DEX after years or one where you need to pay $100 to interact with a smart contract. Bridges are le bad, Vitalik is the smartest. They can’t even think by themselves.

  5. I’m pissed and lost confidence with Harmony and SushiSwap because 1BTC. Before bridge 1BTC was priced 10x of the price of BTC. SushiSwap listed 1BTC/ONE LP and farm. I got in on Beefy using zap feature putting ONE as a single asset and didn’t notice price of 1BTC was way off of market price. After bridge lunched the peg is back to market price, in result of me losing funds. Luckily not much, but in my opinion it was big dick move from SushiSwap especially. Devs admitted it would be good idea to mark super risky LP’s on the platform.


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