Why does BRAVE browser need crypto

BAT and Brave are very often cited whenever someone ask about real application of crypto. As much as I like using brave and the whole concept behind giving back ownership of data privacy to the user, I don’t understand why do they need crypto?

Why use a public decentralized ledger when they could have simply add a wallet extension with USD reward. This is a genuine question, what is the difference here? I believe Brave is still centralized and the middle man between ads and us.

I get why having a token is useful in this case but it does not have to be a cryptocurrency. It seems to me that more and more projects are using Blockchain because it is trendy and then using coins hoping people will buy it just like a stock because they like the idea/business model. Basically any governance token is like a stock, an other example would be CRO. Why does CDC need a Blockchain token? Coinbase is publicly traded and that’s enough.

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  1. Brave is attempting to create a self sustaining system. Advertisers buy with BAT, content creators rewarded with BAT, and users paid in BAT. The creators can’t create USD on demand, and dealing with actual dollars would have resulted in a much more complicated system.

    As with any blockchain, a different data structure could have been used (like an AWS instance I see you’ve mentioned). However, people don’t want a token like that. The value blockchain adds is people legitimately want to accumulate BAT, which is needed as part of their system.

    I completely agree that blockchains are becoming overused in places they shouldn’t be or as a marketing stunt. The transparency a blockchain can and does provide a value to people that value transparency. So yes, while they could make a non-blockchain token they would not have the same trust and use through it. An ecosystem can’t be built if there’s no desire from consumers to interact

  2. Crypto value is in the eye of the users.

    BAT is awarded to its users and BAT is donated by its users to content creators. Without lying to yourself, would you first deposit USDT to your MetaMask wallet to then donate the various sites you are browsing? Probably not. Would Brave award USD instead of BAT? Also no.

    Remember that cryptocurrency has a price only due to use cases. The use case may be very well defined, like in the case of BAT: use browser get BAT/create good website get BAT, or very amorphic, like in the case of BTC: edge the inflation.

  3. ” they could have simply add a wallet extension with USD reward.’

    But they can’t create USD. They can create Brave tokens and invent value. The best example now is LUNA or whoever is buying $10billion BTC with their made up tokens and not actual dollars. It is pumping the market dollar value without using dollars.

  4. People can’t just give fiat away. There are various norms and rules like FATF and foreign currencies act in various countries. You can’t just give USD to somone. Crypto is the only solution.

  5. In the UK we have a non crypto competitor – gener8. Makes for a good comparison, and an example of why BAT is useful for Brave

  6. You gain a large amount of power when you control the currency. It’s the same reason banks issue “points” instead of USD as rewards.

  7. Ding ding ding we have a winner. Blockchain is the new .com bubble. Do with that as you wish until the tulip market ends or crypto becomes the new dollar. There are only two possible outcomes.

  8. > This is a genuine question, what is the difference here?

    If there is no difference, then why not?

    This is not an argument for Brave or BAT, but for cryptocurrency in general: people are doing cool things with it. Right now, it’s a sphere where innovation is going on. It’s doesn’t need to be, but it is.

  9. It’s a gimmick. Nobody would use brave browser if they dont offer anything unique. Which is why they add crypto. Unnecessary? Maybe. But it’s insanely good for marketing.


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