Why are most people right now trying to put their trading mistakes on a highly volatile asset on others?

With a week over on Crypto peak-fear volatility, I’m very happy about skk the people that are still around here. But not so much for the people who are just here to blame others about their financial mistakes on a highly volatile asset class. Obviously we all lost a lot of money this week but we should not try to put that mistake on others.

Even if there are a couple of entities that can be blamed upon easily (cough Do Kwon cough), what will we get out of this? We will say this is not our mistake, we could not have done anything against it and repeat that same mistake once again.

Every buy, every sell is our own decision. If sone would get it right and make profit they would be fast to call it for their own strategy. If they loose its always others fault.

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27 thoughts on “Why are most people right now trying to put their trading mistakes on a highly volatile asset on others?”

  1. There’s a difference between a highly volatile asset and a scam. Just like there’s a difference between Pfizer stock and Theranos stock.

  2. Nothing wrong with calling the lunaterra ecosystem for what it was: a scam.

    Are people responsible for making bad decisions? Sure. Does that absolve scammers from preying on human weakness? No.

  3. Uh, yeah. Take credit for your success, blame others for your failures. That’s how human nature works. What was your point?

  4. Why are people saying they got scammed by Luna? Do they know the difference between a scam and an unsustainable market?

    If you were stupid enough to invest in something you didn’t fully understand it’s your own fault you lost money.

  5. I agree OP, nothing to win by complaining. Best we can do is try to learn and move on.

    Keep calm, and DCA on. Long BTC/ETH/ADA.

  6. The one thing I’m seeing a lot of recently is dumb people whining, and being selfish – always all about me me me.. just a general observation, not related to any one thing. People are fucked.


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