Where is the XLM Hype?

Just recently bought some XLM to use for transferring to other wallets and maybe swap for other currencies, because I heard the “Gas” fees where minimal and I was profoundly surprised when I paid only a fraction of a cent for the transfer.

So I am surprised by the fact that everything is so stagnant when it comes to XLM and why is no one talking about them since they are doing such a damn good job. What do you think about XLM, should they get more attention?

Do people only care about 100x coins? Of yes, the entire crypto space is a speculation, but obviously there must be something more than that? Right?

Give me your opinions down below.

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35 thoughts on “Where is the XLM Hype?”

  1. A lot of the price stagnation of XLM, in my opinion, is due to the fact that it is a utility coin and most people who buy it use it as such. Those who buy XLM are very quick to turn around and sell it. Whether it’s for transactions, conversions, etc. Very few people are buying and holding XLM as a long term investment. Not every coin will or even should go to the moon, for the ecosystem to grow there’s gotta be some coins that are purely utility.

  2. “Doge sucks, it doesnt even do anything. It has no purpose other than its a meme.”

    “XLM is one of the few coins that most people will actually use, its a great buy right?”

    “No it won’t 100x”

    Crypto owners in a nutshell.

  3. I think its lack of knowledge in regards to the Stellar ecosystem. Everyone just uses it to transfer around because its awesome for that. But there are tons of things on the blockchain.

    Did you know that it has a built in DEX natively on the chain? All you have to do is have a Stellar wallet like Lobstr and you can trade right there on the wallet. There are anchored tokens for Eth and Btc. Imagine transferring Eth and Btc around with the speed and price of Stellar!

    There’s also yield generating assets. Tokens pegged 1:1 that pay interest daily right there on your wallet with no lock out periods. yXLM, yETH and yBTC pay out 5%apy daily, while yUSDC pays out 9%!

    Liquidity pools and AQUA farming! Liquidity pools went live a couple of months ago and they are awesome and easy to use as hell. AQUA is a governance token for bonus payouts, you get paid hourly its awesome seeing your balance go up all day. There are also many other awesome tokens like Lumenswap for instance which have monthly lotteries and airdrops.

    Upcoming partnership with Moneygram is going live this year which will allow us to on and off ramp cash directly to a Stellar wallet without using a bank. How awesome is that! Smart Contracts are also on the way this year!

    Stellar also seems to be in bed with a lot of governments and regulators. Ukraine is building their CBDC on Stellar. SDF’s CEO Denelle Dixon was also one of the two blockchain companies that were invited to the congressional hearing about crypto a couple of months ago.

    The BIG CON: Price suppression and centralization. Stellar is very centralized, with the Stellar Development Foundation owning half of the supply of XLM which they sell off all the time. HOWEVER the SDF is a NON profit and they spend that XLM very transparently. You can check it out in the site [https://www.stellar.org/foundation/mandate?locale=en](https://www.stellar.org/foundation/mandate?locale=en) and can track the wallets on the chain. Most of the XLM is given out as grants and partnerships.

  4. XLM is in the same boat as Nano. Great technology. Cheap and fast transaction speeds. Zero reason to hold. I use it to go from exchange to exchange and nothing else

  5. From what I’ve noticed, XLM is more of a utility coin that is normally exchanged with other coins that have high gas fees and long wait times when transferring to other exchanges or wallets. Not too many people mention holding but only to convert back to the coins they were intending to hold or sell for profit since it costs little to nothing to send and takes less than 30 seconds practically. Considering they are quickly converted from XLM, the value never seems to increases or at least have the chance to. I personally love XLM and always have.. but like you said, it seems most are going after 100x coins or perhaps those that continue to rise in value.

  6. XLM (Stellar) has a lot of future developments.

    Unfortunately people don’t take time to educate themselves and just get *moon* excited.

    MoneyGram is being bought by a private company for 1.8 billion – no more share holders to please and less debt

    Algorand is building a bridge to Stellar this year, both parties have announced this

    USDC is now on Stellar

    Stellar released a roadmap this year for where they plan to be

    Stellar is ISO20022 compliant and ISO20022 is said to replace SWIFT, regarding financial transaction by the end of this year or 2023. DYOR, you will be pleased. Sleeping giant. They are a non-profit and do less marketing but are supposed to refocus on marketing this year.

  7. All in crypto investment is about hype(not all but alot)

    When you have a product that already does what it is supposed to do perfectly, then there is no hype about future developments anymore.

    You cant hype the upcoming new feature for people to invest in if the feature already works.

    Look att all coins that already do what they try to acomplish.
    Xlm, xmr, xno,… All of them perfect in what they try to do.
    Non of them great investments for making money

  8. XLM actually works like a currency, and I love that! Holding a reasonable bag but not using yet because of Canadian tax laws around crypto.

  9. Used to use XLM before. Now I went 100% in Harmony ONE, fast, cheap and a lot of projects that i’m involved in.

    Using it every day. So, as it for me and it’s only my opinion, being fast and cheap does not make you unique anymore.

    XLM needs to apport some extra value, other than transactions.

  10. When I first got into crypto is seemed like a great coin. Because it’s gas fees are amazing compared to the other high dollar coins.

    But then you realize people don’t invest for practicality in crypto. Only hype.

  11. XLM made me some great money in 2017 and is one of the coins that really got me fully into crypto. But it’s really become sort of a stable coin now, which maybe is the intention.

  12. People do use XLM. It’s just that they don’t hold it. They use xlm for transferring between wallets or between exchanges. It’s not underrated. A lot of people use it but sadly noone holds XLM.

  13. XLM makes me question all other cryptos values. Something that cost fractions of a penny to send in an instant but yet it’s pretty much a stable coin? Actual use case and hardly changes value?

  14. XLM has great utility and the Stellar network will definitely bring some great projects.

    For medicinal and spiritual purposes I HIGHly recommend checking out Stellar Cannacoin.

  15. XLM is great for what it does but it’s not designed to moon so it doesn’t get a lot of shilling here. A fast transaction/remittance coin with billions of supply is great in utility but it’s price remains relatively stable compared to other top coins.

  16. I LOVE XLM, but I don’t think it’ll ever moon, because it’s use case isn’t HODLing, it’s transferring between assets. Most people only hold XLM for a few minutes.

  17. I have some. Bought at .11 on Nov 20, 2020. Sold 1/3 of them at.38 and I am now holding. why. I think some crypto will keep rising albeit more slowly. I like them like Internet stocks in the ‘90’s. There will be another dot com style crypto crash at some point which will wipe out 80% and I hope I picked the right ones.

  18. It’s not necessarily something to hold. It is great for transferring, which makes it have an actual use-case, and it excels at it. But unfortunately that’s what it’s for—transferring, not holding. At least, that’s how I view it within my portfolio. The price doesn’t matter for it because I just convert it to something, transfer, convert it again.

  19. Litecoin (LTC) has joined the thread. A coin which is literally used like money by most but the one which has stagnant price. So does look like people are after 100X coins only these days.

  20. There’s an unfortunate reality that you have to understand about crypto. Hype is not based on utility. Right now, the vast majority of people in crypto are only in it for money – I’d say at least 95% of people (if not 99%) are in it for the profit and nothing else. It’s going to take many, many more years for utility to play a key role in valuation of a coin or token.

  21. just like most other people i use Xlm.

    I just don’t invest into it.

    Well like i always have some laying around just in case. But not a lot.

  22. IBM WorldWide seemed promising… As did FairX….. then Chain Inc acquisition that went no where….

    No marketing, lots of hype, but nothing real solid in the end. I was big into XLM mid 2017, followed them for years there and thought they would break barriers, but dumped them late 2019.

  23. Eventually this space won’t be volatile and the cream of the crop will rise to the top.

    In the meantime, we all want to invest in that volatility. Stellar isn’t a great investment at the moment but eventually it may gets its praise (without making you money in the process).

    It’s sort of why Nano is also dropping in the ranks so hard.

  24. It’s open source XRP. Might do well for banks or countries with a lot of currency conversions. Quick Google shows that $5-$10 is the max it could reach, 1k or 10k is not possible. So, yeah, utility = stability. Certainly you could make $$ off the volatility, but only in volume.


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