What’s your investment method

Might use some of the wrong terminology but I’ll try to make it quick.

How do you invest, like how much, how often and what into. Nothing too in depth but just an idea of what others do.

I used to just add how ever much of my pay I’m investing to my account and buy some crypto whenever it’s red or I like the price, usqlly all the money would be invested within like 3 days of transferring it too my exchange as I was trying to get as much in as fast as possible.

This was going into btc, eth, ada, xtz and algo.

Now I have recurring buys of like $10 for btc and eth and $5 for all the others every day at 11 pm and I’ll just transfer whatever I’m saving from my pay and let it run its course unless there are some big dips.

Crypto is basically my savings account as I enjoy buying it and then I kinda forget about it, plus I’m still young (can’t buy stocks yet -_-) so it dosnt matter if my savings value fluctuates or I can’t get it straight away.

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21 thoughts on “What’s your investment method”

  1. 60% Crypto 40% Stocks, 80% good projects DCAing, 15% buying what sounds kinda good on short term and 5% retared yolo plays. I think its quite good planed out but im still able to loose money this way.

  2. I don’t auto buy nor do I really throw any of my
    Money into investing anymore. I’ve set myself up so I have dividends that create enough income for me to play freely. I go by percents, every gain has a percent factor up to 100 where those gains go including tax money. I actually throw my tax money into a saving account to collect interest lol

    Bigger amounts over 75k plays I try to hold for over a year anything under 75k I’ll take a wash trade for a easy gain. Some weeks I have sold and bought 25 different things some weeks I don’t buy anything at all. I try to keep my emotions away from investing so I don’t tell myself this is savings account because it’s not.

    I like finding undervalued stocks and betting on them. Right now I am investing heavily into materials, grocery stores, energy etc. A lot of dividends stocks too.

  3. Sometimes I forgot for a few months on my crypto stuff, then again a month or two of berserk buying selling, mostly losing money. And then again small pause.

  4. I invest by putting a little cash I won’t miss into btc/eth regularly plus now and then the occasional alt.

    A bit in a stocks isa too but only just started with that. Over 5 years it’ll build a decent amount hopefully even without huge rises.

    In your case its a good move. The tenners will add up and when you want to withdraw you should have a decent lump sum.

  5. I am all in on the Cosmos ecosystem.

    Theres plenty of great projects to choose from and it makes it easier to keep up to date with everything that is going on.

    I invest once a month, as soon as I get paid around 45% of my month paycheck.

  6. I just have a goal of DCAing into a project I like at the moment. When that’s to the place I want I’m going to just start putting the rest into most likely ETH and BTC 50/50 when I can

  7. Mostly ETH, botting it and taking profits in the coin to hold.

    A fair amount of MATIC, some BTC, and a little SHIB to spice things up.

  8. I bought $20 of BTC, GUSD, BUSD, DAI & USDC in BlockFi 2 weeks ago. I randomly purchase crypto. I’ve already earned $.20 of interest in 2 weeks. More than I’ve earned last year at the bank.

  9. I invest weekly into btc, Eth, dot, and chainlink, and I toss some spare money into a couple low cap alts I have my eyes on from time to time. I’ve been doing this since February last year don’t plan to stop the DCAing for atleast 5 years

  10. I look and buy value. When everything is at ATH, I put the money aside into USDC and earn interest while patiently waiting

    If I’m not sure about something, it’s best for me to not make decisions

  11. You have the typical buy low, sell high. Then you have the gold ol’ staking your coins for passive income. At the moment I’m using FairySwap because of the high %APY

  12. I keep BTC, ETH, & LUNA long-term. I might add CRO & VGX to the list.

    I also have a trading stack. For instance, ALGO is at $1. I will sell at $4.

    I got FTM under $2. I will sell at 4. Maybe higher.

    I’m looking to add MATIC – currently at $1.68. I will sell at $4. DOT also at under $20, then target $50.

    I will use the profits to stack up on more BTC, ETH, & LUNA.


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