What’s your favorite way to explore crypto?

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy the hobby or even lifestyle of exploring cryptocurrency. Personally my favorite way is to wake, bake and review the charts with a strong cup of coffee. Reading the news on various cryptocurrency news sites, reading more into the upcoming ETH merge, dabbling into some play to earn games (cryptoroyale) and evaluating my DCA plan.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy crypto? Watch charts, find new coins, read about updates on different chains? Explore crypto with a stiff drink? I know I could pick up some more interests within the space when hearing about other ways to enjoy crypto.

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15 thoughts on “What’s your favorite way to explore crypto?”

  1. Instead of finding new coins, it is better to search for interesting dapps to interact with.

    Instead of charts of price action, have a look at charts of usage (e.g. the ones on dune or nansen)

    Instead of reading news, engage with local ecosystem communities that really understand what is going on.

  2. Listening to podcasts

    I get a lot of information from what’s happening in the Ethereum ecosystem from Bankless. Id highly recommend them

  3. FOMOing into coins after they pump then, when financially ruined after the inevitable rug, i check their whitepaper if im lucky enough that they have one to see why i lost all my money on a shitcoin

  4. Follow YouTube channels, redit and medium and in the end when infind an interesting project, invest 100 usd into it, see how it plays out. If it’s sustainable and grows put more money in. If it tanks 100 usd doesn’t hurt much.

  5. The best part of the month is when I use the leftover money in my bank account to purchase crypto. If the market is down I am happy that I can buy more with less fiat, if it is up then I am happy that my investment is growing.

  6. Don’t. 99% of new crypto is utter shit….
    If you are new to crypto, learn about Bitcoin first (I’m not a maxi). Understand it really really well. Then ethereum..

    Most people don’t understand why Dogecoin and Shiba is shit….do yourself a favour and understand why they are shit.

    New crypto is by definition very bad because so few people have it

  7. I love watching YouTube bloggers, but it is important that they are not a paid project, but personal recommendations, because now there is a lot of spam even on YouTube


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