what’s your conviction play in the market right now? your FONO play? your ‘wtf, why not’ play?

Markets are interesting right now, to say the least. Take a bit of conviction to keep on growing your bag. So what’s your conviction play right now? How come? What do you want to make sure you get your hands on before say, October?

What about FOMO? What’s your FOMO play? A few are having really good runs right now and getting a bit of FOMO… so what’s your play?

And finally, I usually have a wtf-not play. One I have a little conviction, a little fomo, but also a few dollars to toss at one that might glow up. What’s yours?

My conviction play is Wth. Especially before Sept ends.

FOMO is Matic. I’ve been growing that bag for a little while but averaging down while I could. Now im in green on it, still growing the bag though. Too much good news coming out for it too not the a few $$ at.

The wtf not play is probably HBAR….it could go fast…. but will probably at least be green at some point.


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21 thoughts on “what’s your conviction play in the market right now? your FONO play? your ‘wtf, why not’ play?”

  1. GET Protocol is my conviction play. The team have processed over 2.2million tickets, they are signing up intergrators to use their tech left and right (4 in the last two months), and tickets will be sold bear market or not.

  2. I’m about to pickup some dogelon and other pound puppies for the immediate, 1.5% back in BTC on purchases, and highly diverse in web3 and fintech. Shooting for $30 gains this year! Cryptos pulse as a foreseeable market return isn’t happening yet, but I don’t think we’re far

  3. My fomo play goes for Polkadot. I’m heavily invested in their last crowdloans Unique and Phala. I believe the network can keep growing and Substrate is a great blockchain.

    My “wtf not play” goes for Everlens.

  4. My fomo play is ATOM, I’m still very optimistic about it. My why not play is NGM, massively underrated but it’s going to be great with time.

  5. My conviction play is ETH, OCEAN, and CTSI.

    My FOMO play is ATOM [just a little more before I have my target amount].

    I don’t have a ‘wtf, why not’ play right now. In this bear market, I’m being intentional about where I put my money plus I’m keeping aside some funds for FLD’s TGE.


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