What’s up with Vitalik Buterin speaking for all cryptocurrencies as a whole now?

We all saw the bomb drop by Vitalik Buterin yesterday, saying he welcomes another crypto winter.

I think Vitalik Buterin should be reminded of the boundary of him being a member of Ethereum team but not as the founder of all cryptocurrencies as a whole.

After failing time and time again to bring the gas fees down from the ridiculous high, and after long delays in bringing the much needed sharding and PoS to Ethereum, he just tells everyone to embrace the bear market, for what purpose other than to buy enough time for him to roll out Eth 2.0 right before the next bull cycle, at the same time washing out the competitions that are starting out to win over Ethereum.

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25 thoughts on “What’s up with Vitalik Buterin speaking for all cryptocurrencies as a whole now?”

  1. So you think Vitalik is the reason for the “crypto winter”? Go back and read the article you’re quoting again. Then read it one more time – then come back here and see all the ways you misinterpreted it and shilled misinformation like so many others here…

  2. ETH isn’t ready. But ETH is the coin on the tip of the tongue. I don’t blame him for saying that.

    Layer 2s are essentially their own ecosystems. And what gums it up even more is Harmony is literally built on top of ETH. I’m still wrapping my head around that. ETH needs something to bring all the layer 2s together. And until that ‘got it’ moment happens, I’m invested in ETH as well as other smart contract projects.

  3. Lol dude just said we’re in a bear market yesterday then today happened. It’s almost like he might know what he’s talking about.

  4. Starting to win over eth?

    Are we looking at different markets or something? Everything is touted as the ETH killer yet nobody is getting even close.

  5. People have unreasonable expectations. Having a market leader say that a bear market is inevitable just slaps us back to reality.

  6. I feel like Vitalik words have a huge impact, he should watch what he says. It’s not fair to the crypto community Down down down

  7. The George R.R. Martin effect. Gain a bit of celebrity and forget about your ‘day job’.

    Will we see ETH 2.0 before or after book 6?

  8. Vitalik is smart, but he is also a freak show 👺

    “Disparities in economic success between men and women are far larger once marriage+children enter the picture. Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality.”

    -Vitalik Buterin

  9. Perhaps you should update yourself on the ethereum roadmap. L1 fees will never be low and in fact high L1 fees is best for the network. Users wont have to deal with it however since they will be on L2 transacting for less than 10 cents soon enough. Also bear markets are great. It wipes out all the useless speculative coins that take off during a bull market. You need bull and bear. You can’t have just one


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