What’s a real-world adoption of crypto / blockchain have you experienced in your everyday life?

Every-time you scroll through social media, you see how someone bought some NFT.

You see FUD or you see a country thinking about legalizing crypto.

But what’s something you used this great technology in your day to day life to make your life easier?

Personally, it’s been so easy transferring money to my family who live 4,000 miles away from me.

I can transfer them as much money as want, it’s instant and almost feeless (<$0.01) through XLM.

Earning a few dollars in crypto through moons as been nice as well.

I can’t wait for more mainstream adoption tbh!

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15 thoughts on “What’s a real-world adoption of crypto / blockchain have you experienced in your everyday life?”

  1. I worked for a company in fintech that used blockchain technology.

    So I got to go to a lot of trade shows, exhibits, and workshop for the industry.

    I was lucky to see first hand what many companies around the world are doing with crypto and blockchain technology as business solutions, and not just as methods of payments.

    I don’t think many people realize how many tech solutions there are in the crypto world to help businesses.

    From databases, oracles, supply chain solutions, decentralized finance solutions, IOT, and the endless things you can do with smart contracts.

    Crypto and blockchain is really the future of how business will be done and built.

  2. This month I took my first crypto backed loan through a DeFi protocol as an experiment and now I’m considering moving significant funds to secure a larger loan since I’m impressed with how easy it was. I’m staking the loan in another dapp which pays greater interest than the interest on the loan.

  3. Paid for some goods with crypto. It was the choice of the seller tho but it’s a good upgrade.
    With protocols like SPOOL aiming to connect defi to TradFi, we might be seeing more real life adoption

  4. I needed money for ❄️ and hookers in Hungary but didn’t have my wallet on me so I used a btc atm and had a crazy night involving chocolate and 3 Hungarian prostitutes and some random guy


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