What would you do if Crypto Winter hit today?

We may already be in a bearish trend but I am curious how y’all would react and what you would do if we continued this downward trend and had a huge drop accross the board in the crypto markets for the next year or two? It seems volatility nowadays is no where near the volatility we had in 2017 and prior crashes however, if we went bearish for 1-2 years what would you end up doing?


I don’t want this post to create FUD or worries in anyone, its simply a post to explore perspective and how everyone is mentally preparing themselves. I have strong faith in the coming years and I personally am more bullish than bearish, however I am prepared for both ways the market could go.

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36 thoughts on “What would you do if Crypto Winter hit today?”

  1. I already had the chance to cash out at 115 percent of a sizable amount I purchased starting since 2019. However the two years hodling were way to hard to settle for anything less than 5000 percent. So I’m gonna either own a mansion and a yacht or I’ll be living in a van down by the river. There is no middle ground.

  2. Well im young and investing 50-60% of my salary, i could load my btc and eth bags for a couple of years, i fact i worry that btc hits 100k this year, i want it to be bearish for more time

  3. I made the mistake of selling all my eth in may during the crash at 1900. My buy in was 110 so yea, profit is good. But man… coulda had double. It was the difference between buying an apartment complex or not. So… if winter hits I’m dumping all my profits back in on any price under 1500.


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