What should I do here!

Hey guys,

I hold some TRX tokens in the trust wallet and have been getting a TRX dust for a month now. I have not interacted with any of the TRX smart contracts or anything like that.

I simply bought some TRX on CEX and withdrew it to my non-custodial wallet. I tried to get more details of the address who has been sending me dust for a month now, that account has been sending that little amount of dust to a lot of accounts.

Is my wallet compromised, am I at risk and move all my funds to a new wallet or does it matter if they show it up in my wallet and just enjoy minor accumulations.

Thanks in advance for all your insights!

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  1. Dusting is just to try to work out where the crypto goes to and from. Theres no hack, script involved thatll steal your money its just so they can find the active wallets and trace them until they can work out who you are.

    The typical response to dusting is to ignore it but if its been mixed up in your wallet with the same coins.. well thats hard to do.. your best bet is to ignore it but when it comes to selling you will need to go through a convoluted effort to try to break a bunch of links to your exchange wallets or exit wallets.

    At this point in time that would involve using a nonkyc exchange that allows a privacy coin like monero.
    You sell your trx for monero, or usdc then buy monero, send monero to an intermediary wallet (which is only used once) then send that monero to another exchange to sell for usdc, buy the trx and then send to a NEW trx wallet. Your old trx wallet seed is now left and ignored and abandoned.
    Edit: alternative offered by magx01 also can work.

    Youll get dusted a lot if you have a lot of money.
    Some wallets actually police dusting attacks but i cant remember what apps/wallets do that.

  2. Withdraw your TRX to a CEX delete the trust wallet, make a new one and send TRX back.

    Do not interact with the dust.

    Edit – are you actually getting TRX dust or another tokens dust?

  3. Time to create a new wallet. Send your TRX back to the CEX and then create a new account and then send your TRX to that new wallet

  4. Very likely just spam sent in the message section, you can check the txs yourself they usually include links to scam sites. The trx itself is fine you don’t have anything to worry about just ignore the links


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