What prices are we hoping for out of this relief rally?

Like others I’m loving this relief rally. But thats just what it is, a relief rally. The macro economic outlook just isn’t good, we’re in a recession, despite the media trying to redefine it. I do this crypto will fall slightly lower than what we experience in June, but I’m wondering what prices people would sell at in this relief rally?

I know the diamond hands brigade will slaughter me, but holding indefinitely isn’t always the best strategy, and if you can sell during a rally (event to harvest losses for taxes) and re buy back in at a lower price, you can have much crypto coin for the same amount of fiat.

Personally I’m hoping to hit 2400 – 2600 for ETH and maybe 28K for Bitcoin. These prices are where I have sell orders and I’ll just hold that cash until we fall further. I see ETH at 600 and BTC and 15K within 6 – 12 months.

Not financial advice\*.

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19 thoughts on “What prices are we hoping for out of this relief rally?”

  1. you shouldnt just sell 100% or buy 100% at certain S/R levels. you can (for example) sell 50% at $28K and then sell some more if it keep going higher, and so on. and if your prediction is correct ($28K is the top), you sell the remaining at $26K or something nearby.

    Same when you buy. you dont just buy everything at once. you buy some at $18K, you buy some more at $15K, and so on.

  2. I think it’s going to be more than just a relief run. In few weeks time we could see 50K BTC, 3K ETH, $500 BNB, $2 MATIC, $30 ATOM and $1 OCEAN if the market continues in the current trajectory.

  3. Plausable scenario

    Although I would suggest not to sell everything just in case it continues to go up

    You’ll probably end up FOMOing and make things even worse

  4. I’d like a 15 cent RVN and a $100 ETC…. which seem like reasonable targets in a speculative post-merge bubble when people are buying new coins that might “be the next ETH” for GPU miners.

  5. And……it’s tanking again fuelled by massive exchange regulatory fud.

    Maybe next time no body says anything and keep their mouths shut when it’s going up…..like the 3 monkeys 🙈 🙉🙊

  6. I dont trade, i have accumulated decent bag of quality projects these recent months. I plan to hold until we se some real prizes

  7. I don’t see the outlook as bleak anymore. I expected us to get lower before the recession was called. So no one got that scared to me. The highest interest rate we’ve had for a long time, but everyone’s just gonna keep taking loans out and spending money right?

  8. You will sell at 28k, then when it doesn’t drop where you like, you will buy back in at 34k, cause it’s going to 50k for sure, right? Why not make a quick buck. Then it won’t for a good time and you sell to buy back lower but it’s actually going to 50k. Next time you will be loading up on 56k, cause it’s going to 100k right? Cause why not make a quick buck…

    Years go pass and you made something, maybe got downpayment for a nice car. But that crypto hamster is living in a mansion at the same time lol


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