what is the safest Stable Coin and What is the cheapest network out there ?

hello. so basically i trade forex a lot and i would like to store my money in crypto because the broker i trade with allows for crypto deposit/withdraw. i have large sum of money and i’m really scared. i don’t want my money to evaporate. i don’t want to lose my money to another luna-like event. as of right now im Storing my money in PAX with BEP20. and im not sure if i should move it to BUSD or maybe USDT with TRC20. i already have a ledger nano x. please help me to take an informed decision.
Thanks !

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27 thoughts on “what is the safest Stable Coin and What is the cheapest network out there ?”

  1. Buddy, if you want an informed opinion to avoid making your money evaporate with another luna type event then please do not take any advice from this sub lol

  2. USDC is safe. Second biggest stable coin, $52b in it, backed by coinbase, backed by reserves that are verified by auditors. I mean it’s just no funny business with USDC and there are no law suits or anything tarnishing it.

  3. USD C is the (first) digital dollar,whether most of us realize it or not yet.
    It is a fully backed and audited mutichain stablecoin .
    Especially, USDC on Algorand and XLM has minimal fees and almost instant tx times.

  4. Forget USDT. That is not safe. You have experience with PAX which means BUSD is your most sensible option. Another one is USDC which is also a safe option. To spread the risk, you can store some in BUSD and the rest in USDC.

    If you want a decentralised alternative you can use DAI.

  5. Dai.

    Usdc can block addresses at will.
    Busd/gusd/paxt, though safe, has limited blockchain availability.
    Usdt/d lol

  6. So USDC is the best right now.

    USDC also asked the US government to not come out with a CBDC as it would step on their toes. It is centralized and I’m sure circle is willing to allow the gubment some sort of access. And now tether is getting attacked, pushing people to USDC. Coincidence?

    Hmm, I’m confused now. A part of me wants tether to survive now. DAI is the only other stable stable coin I can think of at the moment. And PAXG for gold pegged.

  7. At this moment, I trust BUSD more than any other stable out here. But, Binance might face SEC in future and there are chances that things go south.

  8. probably BUSD, then USDC. cheapest network… lots of cheap networks. Algorand, Solana, Harmony ONE and probably many others.

    Don’t use TRON.

  9. If you want stability and safety, then store your cash in FDIC insured bank accounts or US government bonds. Everything else has an element of risk and even substantial risk.

    It is best not to put all of your cash into any one coin. Make an effort to diversify between a few of the leading stable coins. That way if one collapses, hopefully your others survive.

    Smart investors have a highly diversified portfolio of assets. For most people their main asset is a house they own. Then comes stocks, bonds, and small amounts of gold and crypto. Personally, I restrict my crypto to no more than 10% of my total portfolio.

  10. USDC is prob the safest currently.

    I’m surprised not a single FlexUSD mention. I consider it just as safe and much more opportunity.

  11. USDC & USDT on tron is the cheapest especially when you stake trx for energy, it’s completely free

    I haven’t paid for a transaction in 2 years

  12. usdc

    solana, matic (eth L2), bsc and tron are the only cheap options I have actual experience with. I recommend them in that order.

    edit: “recommend” is a strong word for tron, it exists and kinda works

    * High down voters that don’t actually use the coins that they trade. What’s it like losing money on a larp?


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