What is the next best DEX?

I started long ago with Coinbase, then moved to Kraken and after that to Binance which I actually think is good but fees were still high when doing large transactions.

I moved all my portfolio off exchanges just before latest crash.

Now I want to trade again but I am leaning towards using a decentralised exchange instead of Binance.

I installed on my iPhone 1inch and dYdX.

I think 1inch is the better of the two and possibly a lot more established. On the messari report I also noticed 1inch is performing well during the bear market.

What’s the best on IPhone?

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24 thoughts on “What is the next best DEX?”

  1. personally, I am totally happy with osmosis and if you want to go with an order book, crescent got you covered. it’s all within the cosmos ecosystem so you can use it all with keplr. give it a try, you won’t regret it.

    PS: dydX is moving to cosmos anyway

  2. dYdX is a perps platform; you can’t use it to swap assets

    1inch is an aggregator and just routes the transaction through liquidity pools with the best rate

    For actual swaps, CowSwap is great as it prevents sandwich attacks

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  4. I recommend to look more into Dex-Aggregators than into the Exchanges itself. 1inch is already good choice, beside them you could also look into Sushi and Bogtools. And then there is Rango, which even swaps crosschain, which is a promising addon to the concept of aggregators.

  5. Pancakeswap if you want shitcoins on BSC. The DEX is amazing, sadly most tokens you can stake, trade and pool and whatever aren’t.

  6. Have you tried Kucoin and its KuChain? There is a cool DEX called MojitoSwap check it out. MojitoToken is buyable at Kucoin CEX.


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