What is the most trusted stable coin CURRENTLY (In your opinion)?

I know this question has been answered many times before.

However, I want the current market outlook.

First: Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of USD.

I made this post to discuss togather which stable coin is the best stable coin in your opinion?

The current biggest stable coins are:

1- Tether: USDT

2- USD Coin: USDC

3- Binance USD: BUSD

4- Dai: Dai

5- True USD: TUSD

These are the biggest by marketcap.

After a research I saw that alot of negative comments are about USDT. However, USDC and BUSD seems the most trusted.

What do you think?

Thanks and regards.

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29 thoughts on “What is the most trusted stable coin CURRENTLY (In your opinion)?”

  1. Interesting nobody has mentioned Gemini despite them being the most regulated exchange out there and owed by literal billionaires.

  2. I personally trust USDC most, transparent and with the backing of Coinbase

    But what I’ve seen most is USDT is being the most, It’s what i get and use with people, what I used to get my Angelblock and what it is gonna be used to work on the platform

    And many sales happen with USDT and ETH

    Ill keep with Fiat though. I hate stablecoins

  3. As of right now I would pick BUSD. Reason being, it’s backed by Paxos, which is overall a very trusted and regulated company.


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