what is the most stable stable coin ?

With the developments of UST and the Terra Luna collapse where is the best place to really go for a stable coin. I know there is USDC but if that’s connected to Coin base is that even safe ? Then there is True USD which seems like the best one. Personally I’m weary now on USDT or Tether If in the rare case it does collapse that be terrible? Is this a conspiracy to destroy the stable coins so the banks can destroy the competition? Seems like it is as Terra was taken down by a Soros like attack in 92 to the British Pound. Crazy how this attack is legal….even ….I feel for those who have lost money ……but that’s capitalism its ruthless…

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43 thoughts on “what is the most stable stable coin ?”

  1. USDC, its owned by Blackrock.

    The same Blackrock thats tag team shorting all the other stables along with Citadel.

    They wont attack their own property.

    I hope.

  2. Funny enough, had you asked this last week I’m sure this sub would still be hailing UST as the best

    The problem with echo chambers

  3. BUSD.


    If BUSD falls, might as well delete crypto for years. As much as we hate Binance, it is the biggest exchange out there and a lot is at stake(heh) to keep BUSD at 1.

  4. GUSD

    Assets in FDIC insured banks in the US and audited by a third party. Run by the twins

    I’m not sure why people would use anything other than GUSD when you have a fully audited and FDIC insured reserve

  5. Hey guys I just got back from holiday and this is the first post I’ve opened. Only read the title, but the answer is UST, I have all my funds staking in Anchor

  6. I’d say USDC, GUSD have my votes. I know Tether say they have an extremely liquid portfolio to back them but I don’t know much beyond that in regards to them.

  7. I bet most here will say USDC.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple regulatory bodies go after the stable coin market hard after the LUNA UST meltdown.

  8. DAI is by far the most secure of the collateralized stablecoins because it’s very liquid and over-collateralized primarily by Ethereum, which has the biggest user base and biggest market cap (except Bitcoin).

  9. TCAD and PAXG seem to be fairly well regulated and backed by paper/physical assets.

    I’m enjoying the higher interest with TCAD for now and slowly building a PAXG holding to eventually stake for interest.

  10. while it does seem to have around a $.02 tolerance in either direction, personally believe frax is an interesting project. it’s handled the market volatility well, and frax volume has greatly increased (doubled today alone) as it moves into the top 30.

  11. Gemini, GUSD. They seem to have their crap together and play ball to not get into trouble like BlockFi has been dealing with.

  12. Meh. To really trust a stable coin, you’d have to trust that the exchange the coin is native to is actually holding all the currency its claiming to back the coin with, and….I just ain’t got it sorry. Numbers have ALWAYS been fudged when it comes to backed currencies. Plus I don’t really trust exchanges in general.

    But the second problem, even if you could trust an exchange to be 100% honest and transparent, why hold a stablecoin and not just the currency itself? You’re still completely vulnerable to inflation, with none of the insurance you get with traditional banking.

    I get crypto in general. There can be a huge upside potential if you get lucky, and it can serve as a payment solution when traditional banking methods make certain transactions difficult or impossible. I just don’t see the upside to stable coins.


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