What is the biggest cryptocurrency regret you have had?

What have been your biggest blunders so far when it comes to cryptocurrency? We all know that how much volatile the industry is. And the things that made you regret your decision?

I guess everyone can relate, not buying when the price is very cheap. Just like when ETH was it’s lowest in early 2018 or 2019, just below 100$ and me thinks that it is still expensive. And then we have a good bull run and it reaches a new all time high of almost $5k in 2021. That’s crazy profit right there if I have invested a lot of money on ETH. But it is what it is, just have to learn from it and move on. And then wait for the next big opportunity in this bear market to fill our wallets with cheap alt coins again

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36 thoughts on “What is the biggest cryptocurrency regret you have had?”

  1. I had 32 Eth which I bought some months earlier at $280 and sold it sept 2020 at $373. A month later crypto started to go on that crazy bull run.

  2. My friend told me to buy BTC at 3k. I told him it was a ridiculous price. Also told me to get Tesla at $110 and ETH at like $300. Needless to say he made his salary in weeks and I am down 60%.

  3. I was a member of the cryptography mailing list when satoshi first posted his paper.

    I totally failed to do anything about it.

  4. newb in 2021, made a few critical errors….sold safemoon too early, right before it moon’ed. Had a few Billion Shiba which I sold for some profit, but my initial 300$ purchased was worth close to 200k a some point. I also held Gamer for far too long, got in on presale and my 1 bnb investment at ATH was worth nearly 200-300k…watched it go down to about 81k before I sold, then I reinvested that and I’m down even more. Lessons learned, like others have said, learn to have a plan and stick to it.

  5. I’ve been in crypto quite some time so I should know better… My latest regret (there have been many)

    A few months back, Etherum was around $1800 and I was on reddit and some dude posted. Eth 2.0 is getting released in June, buy Eth, guaranteed profit. I thought about it for a few days and then I woke after an afternoon snooze and impulsively bought a few eth. Within 4 days $800. 😫😫😫

    It’s slowly getting back to 1800 but I’m convinced I’m gonna get cut off again 😊

  6. I took a big big loan out.

    Not in as deep as a colleague who remortgaged two houses to get into crypto, but I’m in deep.


  7. MCO. For those unaware, before crypto.com was crypto.com, it was called Monaco and used MCO. They abandoned it for another coin and left a lot of people high and dry.

    This is why my crypto card is from Coinbase and I have nothing to do with crypto.com.

  8. Selling shiba after x15.
    I somehow had insane luck and was one of the earliest shiba inu investors, cashed out after i made 800$ out of 50$ for-fun-investment. Because i certainly did not think such a copy shitcoin can climb any higher –
    Boy oh boy was i wrong. Would’ve been lifechanging money.

  9. For me it was selling matic at a loss just three days between its price pumped… I couldn’t buy it again because it really feels bad..

  10. Not selling LRC at the top when everyone and their dog was telling me to. Instead I listened to people as stupid as me, hardcore hodlers, who believed that it was going to $10.

  11. Back in 2015, I heard of a little thing called ETH. I was only 14 at the time, so I tried convincing my dad to invest in it, he told me I’m a idiot, still I managed to mine some. So not a complete fail.

    But if I managed to convince my dad to invest, my god we would be rich today.


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